I will show you how to create a pen gun out of the pen shown and a piece of paper. You can buy the pen a Wall Mart, Target, Staples, Office Depot, and tons of other places. This pen is VERY common. For the ammo you can shoot almost every thing that fits in the barrel although I prefer airsoft BBs.

Step 1: Know the pen parts

To split the halves just unscrew the pen in the middle.The first picture is a diagram of the pen parts. The second picture shows how to get the 2 parts at the back out by pushing it out with the ink. The third picture shows how to get the spring out by pushing the edge of the spring with a mechanical pencil with a inch of lead poking out.

I have done a similar thing except you only need a pen
great instructable but can u give me the pen
i wanna make my own gun. but how ????? <br>do any body give some idia. <br>
I am hopeless as to what to use as ammo.
i was going to make one the same but you already made it
if you put the top on, it kinda looks like a spy wepoan.<br>
now i can't reload! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
the paper pops up every time you shoot, so i keep having to push the paper down. i don't know what to do because the paper wad is irremovable. :(
If you do the optional grip step under Firing you can but your ammo in the front half for storage!
So...This is like a mini BB musket?
This so awesome. :D Everyone I know has this exact pen. I have an idea, a pen gun army!
That would be epic! We could overpower almost any non-government organization with these.
As long as they have no guns, knives, pens, or pointy objects.
unless we fire small, pointy objects with these
your gonna go pen vs gun?!?!?
Duh! It's the only possible way to feel exactly likke Chucl Norris while not feeling like him at all!
Any NON-government organization. I sharpened the tip of the pen cartridge and it stuck into a wall. It was really hard to get out.<br>
its not my best instructable. but you can still check it out
I remember the instructable I made. I think it was called mega bazooka.<br>(I dont think its mega. I think its just a pen gun)check it out. if you can find it and<br>post a comment.
what can it shoot?
Hello, This is tycrome. I can see this gun IS EPIC! But I would like to knwo what ammo you use. Thank you!
Hello! I have problem. When I fire my pen (I never thought I'll say this :) ) everything inside flies out. Can you tell what am I doing wrong?
put your finger over the edge of the back section and just let the ink cartridge shoot out. Forget the wadding.
wen u make the wadding, use a bigger piece of paper, that should help :D<br>
What you can do is cut the very end of the pen grip holder thingey and screw it into the end of the barrel with the eraser of a pencil. (Stick the threaded plastic thing on the eraser part of the pencil.) This should fix your problem.
Thank you! it worked, I had a little trouble with the cutting, but I solved it, so now it works well! thank you, again :)
Why does my pen gun shoot itself apart every time I shoot wit??
the wadding didn't work on mine, so i superglued a piece from another pen about .8 centimeters in diameter to the inside of the barrel of the pen, and added grip. it works better than the wadding, and it catches the mechanism inside a lot better. is there another way to load it, easier than using the pen cartridge? by the way, this is genius!
this is awsome :D
I havent made one yet but im going to.
it probably does work, but it looks like it doesnt work at all.<br>
this is hard to do
Pretty sweet, but mine will only shoot like 5-6 feet, is that normal or can it go farther?<br>
I'm looking forward to using this is science class when i get bored. Thanks!
why do you need the wadding?
so that the pen doesn't shoot itself apart.
I know but what is the point of putting it in, it works just fine without it
well after a while of using it, the plastic ridge will wear out a bit, and it wont work. So by putting the wadding there, it makes it last much, much, much longer. I haven't had a pen with wadding wear out yet.
I once made this, but <br>1. I suggest emptying the pen before make the &quot;rifle&quot; otherwise ink spills from the back airhole (i had to throw away mine due to this :'( ) <br>2. I suggest use toothpicks for ammos (if you want to just shoot to a target, otherwise use BB's)
The only problem I've had is keeping the wadding from popping back up automatically. Any help?<br>
try using more paper for the wadding or squishing it down more... or both! good luck :D
wat is this guns range and fps if u know it
lol i have no idea :P
LOL man. An 82 yr old sk8er! That HAS to be on YouTube! lol
cool! it actually worked, awesome!
Tip: cut the front half to fit the ink caridge so the spring and piston does not fly out.p.s: This is optional<br>
thanks this is great !!!!!!
it is awsome
holy effin sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is sooooooo awwwsomeeeeeeee:)

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