How to Make ANYTHING Awesome (face).




Introduction: How to Make ANYTHING Awesome (face).

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You've heard of the awesome face? You will now. The awesome face is well, awesome. It appears in some video games as sprays, names, avatars, and has even been on shirts. Picture of it below. I don't own it, but I'm going to show you how to apply this awesomeness to an everyday item, with only 2 things needed.

Step 1: Find Soemthing That Needs Awesome-ing.

ONE: An item that could use a lot of awesome-ing up. Such as, but not limited to, a ball, mug, jar, shoe, phone, stuffed toy(?), and paper, but that's not that original ;-P
TWO: A writing utensil that is permanent. Of course, Sharpie is short for A writing utensil that is permanent.

Step 2:

Now, simply draw an awesome face on your selected item, and you're good to go! =)

Step 3: You Are Done. Awesome!

Now, be proud of your work and dedication that you put into this item. Then get bored with it a while later. It makes a great desktop buddy, it's happy, and for goodness sakes, you made it.
(This Instructable is a joke.)



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    Now I know how to make things AWESOME!:)

    Man this is GREAT! I THINK (note i said THINK) i noticed one mistake... in Step 1 you said 'ONE: An item that could use a lot of awesome-ing up. Such as,BUT LIMITED TO, a ball, mug etc. did you mean 'But NOT Limited to? if not, sorry for the trouble

    2 replies

    Thanks for the comment, and yes, let me fix that. :3

    crap, in my comment above, i didnt mean that i only THINK that it is great (note: i KNOW it is great). I meant that i THINK that i noticed a mistake .just with the caps it makes it all look like one sentence...

    soemthing's fishy about this

    Thank you. This was a delight to read. And, it was awesome.

    3 replies

    I disagree... a stencil and and a few colors of spraypaint would have worked better

    that would work just as well :-)

    Hey man, cheer up! I was just saying it was funny. It brightened up my day. There isn't anything wrong with that.