How to Make Africa Earrings





Introduction: How to Make Africa Earrings

Ever wanted to bring back 80s-esque Africa Earrings? Or make a custom shape?

Here's how we made some simple contour earrings of Africa with just soft wire, pliers, some time & a careful eye!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

- Soft Wire
- Pliers
- Thumb Tacks
- Cardboard
- Shape print-out
- Beads (in a later step - optional)
- Earring hooks

Step 2: Secure Your Image & Build a Jig

Tape your image/shape to a cardboard base. Identify the key outtermost and innermost points on the shape that you're trying to create. Minimalize!

Step 3: Bend Wire Around Jig

The soft wire is very malleable and can be manipulated by hand. Mold it around/weave it between the thumb tack jig to create the general shape. It helps to have an extra pair of hands to hold the tacks in place in the cardboard.

Step 4: Patience - Fine Tune the Shape!

Using your hands, tape & pliers, add the details in contour. This takes a LOT of pausing to look at the reference image, compare the two, tweak, pause, & tweak again!

Step 5: Decoration

You have 2 matching contours. Add beads or whatever decoration you'd like! We unfolded paper clips with pliers and used the wire to link a bead to the jewelry hook. Wrap stylistically & don't forget to leave loops for attachment.

Step 6: Add Final Touches & Workin Those Africa Earrings!

Add jewelry hooks - any kind you'd like. (Fish hook, closed hook, etc.)

Enjoy wearing your new earrings!



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    This is awesome. I'm unable to wear pierced earrings, but these earrings are EVA -RY-THANG!!! I can't wait to try to make these with Clip on closures.

    If you end at the top then you could hide the join better. Or you could solder the join closed. I also think the flag colours could work very well and the design is great for other countries too. Thanks for showing this great method for doing detailed curves!

    Awesome! Really clever way of figuring out how to bend the wire to the shape!

    Lovely earrings, and you're a stunning model.

    Nice! You could use the same principle to make other countries or even states. The beads could also match the colors of the country's flag, for example Red, White and Blue for USA.

    So cool and creative