How to Make BMG PVC Instrument Paddles for Free(if You Are a Drummer)





Introduction: How to Make BMG PVC Instrument Paddles for Free(if You Are a Drummer)

I came across the Blue Man Groups PVC instruments on youtube a little while ago and i really wanted to make one, so i started cutting all pipe then i realized that i can't play it without paddles. So i searched for free paddle ideas but there is no good ones out there, so i had to put on my thinkin' cap and come up with idea of my own and this is it!! :)

Step 1: Supplies for the BMG Paddles

What you are going to need is pretty straight forward and nothing at all complicated with this step.

What you will need:

1 Pair of drumsticks (you can just go to like wally world and pickup some for really cheap)

1 Pair of sandals (the kind that have the thing go in between your big toe and other toe)

Duct Tape (the master of creativity)

Thats all!!

Step 2: Get Your Duct Tape On

First you want to cut the piece that holds your foot into the sandal off. Then you want to cut the sandle in to a rectangle 3" x 5". Get out your trusty side kick (duct tape!!) and rip a piece about 8" long. Then rip that strip in half by the length NOT width! Then put the stick on the sandal rectangle in the middle with the 5" part parallel to the length of the stick. Wrap the tape around as tightly as possible around the stick and sandal. Just do it to the top and the bottom not the middle. Then do the same thing 3 or 4 times, then you are done.

Step 3: Wasn't That Easy

Thats all there is to it, so go play your own BMG instruments. If you want me to make an instructable on how to make a bmg instrument just tell me and will.



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    he isn't the best drummer

    just use rubber spatulas, thats what my brother and dad did when they made one. they made a morimba out of PVC for a homemade-instruments school project a year or so ago

    make a BMG instrument tutorial por favor!

    Something I saw on PVC pipe instruments, they used flip flops attached to a stick of some sort (a thick stick obviously) I think it was the childrens miramba band I found on youtube.

    It would be a more impressive idea if you included pictures of what you actually did.

    Assuming you have actually done this?

    I noticed that, but wasn't going to comment - it really needs a how-to... not just..."this is what i made, I made it and it looks like this, to make it, make them look like this"

    He's added the pics since I commented - it looks much better now. @ 14kennisb; make sure you add a video to your instrument project!


    please make an instrument instructable.