Step 7: Spread Filling

Spread the bacon filling over the bottom half of the pie crust. Leave space with no filling about a half an inch along the edge of the pie crust.
the only thing that could make your video any better is if we could smell the bacon (:
jelly? <br>Sacrilege!
not sacrilege, haven't you ever had syrup from your pancakes or waffle get on your bacon? maple bacon?! yummy :D
I think it would be amazing with bacon, cheese, and scrambled eggs in it.
agreed. that'd be amazing.
I did put cheese in one, but decided not to put eggs in it. Thanks for the comment.
I am thinking that I would like to try this with the gravy.
I like your instructable, but jelly with bacon, not cool. I like the football shaped one the best!
Marmelade should work quite well too =D I've been making bacon and marmelade sandwiches for years..
That sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

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