How to Make No-Sew Doll Clothes With Socks


Introduction: How to Make No-Sew Doll Clothes With Socks

In this tutorial, I will show u make Barbie clothes from Toddler sock
Use different sock color to make the outfit more colorful

Step 1: Materials

-Barbie doll (11' doll)

-Toddler sock

-Ponytail holder

-Bobby pin

Step 2: Divide Sock Into 3 Parts

Part 1 - Shirt (top)

Part 2 - Skirt

Part3 - Head

Step 3: Measure Sock to Waist

To create skirt. Draw cut off line

Leave bit end for the hat

Step 4: Wear Skirt First

It should fit as show

Step 5: Secure Skirt With Ponytail Holder

You can use an elastic band also

Step 6: Measure Shirt (top)

Can trim it if too long

You can also use a different sock color

Step 7: Put Shirt On

Becarefull when put the shirt on, watch for Barbie fingers, especially the thumb, to avoid breaking it

Step 8: Use Bobby Pin

If the back too lose, fold it and secure with a Bobby pin

Step 9: Add the Hat

Use the tip of the sock as Barbie's hat

Step 10: Final Result

Mix and match different color to get a more lively costume. :)

Have fun!



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