I'm going to show you how to easily make bath bombs. I love to make them because they're super fun in the bath, and they can be quite beneficial for your skin too. You can customize this recipe with a few tweaks, that I will show you how to do in other instructables. To see more, you can visit my site

Lets start with the materials you need...

Step 1: Materials

 This is what you'll need:

- 4 ounces (114g) Baking Soda
- 2 ounces (57g) Citric Acid
- 2 ounces (57g) Corn Starch
- 2 ounces (57g) Epsom Salts

- 2 teaspoons Water
- 1/2 teaspoon Fragrance (I used orange)
- 1 tablespoon Oil ( I used Coconut Oil)
- 1 or 2 drops of food color (1 yellow and 1 red to get orange)

You will also need a mold to give your bath bombs a shape. I used an easter egg, but you can use any mold you want. 
<p>Great Idea</p>
I think we add the wet ingredients to fast or we stir too much. Our bath bombs we very solid and in the molds but the oils is leaking out. Help
I have been making bath bombs since months now but most of the time they don't fizz aggressively or dissolve fast..it's monsoon here so the humidity is high but i have been using oven for drying it and store them in cellophne bags...but if i use them after a week they fizz very very slowly and dissolve super slow...m planning to start a buisness of bombs..can someone please tell me if m doing anythinh wrong or if i should make some changes ?
<p>Instead of Citric Acid can I use cream of tartar?</p>
<p>I am not really certain of this answer because I've never used cream of tartar but the citric acid (also called lemon salt) is what makes the baking soda fizz. Kind of like baking soda and vinegar </p>
<p>how many dies this make? </p>
<p>It varies depending on mold sizes and how much you pack into the mold. Really big ones compareable to Lush usually 2 1/2 but unless you have extra help dont make anymore than that at a time because it will get hard to work with and not stay together really well</p>
I'd love to make these!&nbsp;Where can I find&nbsp; Citric Acid?
I found citric acid in the canning isle at the grocery store.
&nbsp;I buy Citric Acid in Soap Making specialty shops. I guess you could also find it in health stores. Or try ebay and etsy.&nbsp;
Made my 1st batch of bath bombs. They crumbled 5 times but I kept trying and finally got them to staying half mold. They did pop out, but they are showing cracks. What can I change next time image a batch? Also I tried to use the silicone ice trays and they crumbled each time. What can I do to use the trays next time.
try spraying more water on it and/or using less oil to compensate.
thanx for putting this up.
instead of using corn starch, you can use white flour.
I am going to make these for Christmas presents!
what can u use instead of corn starch
Can we use olive oil?
&nbsp;I am new to instructables and i like to see some of the older instructables.
OK! Just search up a few of the featured authors! A few personal faves of mine are: Soochmaroo,Kiteman,Belsey, and Jessyratfink. Hope you like it here! <br>courtesey of your local Maui The Gerbil!
Hei, which oil can I use instead of coconut oil? or in what place can I buy it?
Which oil can you use instead of Coconut oil?
It is such a great idea. I can't wait to try out. Sure it adds more pleasure to enjoy the bath. =D
This is great. I may have seen one back awhile ago but then new people come in everyday and they dont have access to the old instructables and the reciepe may vary too. Great job and I will make some today!
Where can I get citric acid?
Any place that sells home brewing supplies will carry it. :)
All I can say is THANK&nbsp;YOU!&nbsp; I have tried literally DOZENS of these recipes... &nbsp;This is the only one that has ever actually not been too wet, too dry...or falls apart right out of the mold....&nbsp; High five!<br />
&nbsp;I tried lots of recipes too before finding this one and adapting it to my humid weather. I'm so glad it worked for you!!!
Me too...&nbsp; I had pretty much given up on it....lol&nbsp; We make soap...bath salts...pumice soaps....&nbsp; But could never, ever get the bath bombs to actually work.....<br />
&nbsp;Just made these today. &nbsp;Will see in 24 hours how they turned out. &nbsp;So far so good. &nbsp;Have been trying to find a recipe that works. &nbsp;Love bath bombs but having a hard time finding a recipe that works for me. &nbsp;Either it doesn't fizz or falls apart. &nbsp;I really like that this recipe goes by weight. &nbsp;Thanks!
&nbsp;<strong>I've tried 12 other recipes for bath bombs. &nbsp;This one is by far the best recipe I have EVER tried! &nbsp;Thank you for making it easy, simple and fun!<br /> <br /> Thank you!</strong><br />
&nbsp;I'm so glad you had great results!!! Enjoy the bath bombs!!!
This has been made already.&nbsp;
https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Bath-Bombs/<br />
&nbsp;Thank you for your comments! I wanted to share one of the recipes I use. I hope you make these bath bombs and they come out great.&nbsp;
well this is a refresh if someone didn't see any other relalted instructable like this one, besides, it's a sharing of the methods used in their business, the sun shines for all so it might be some couple of similar instructions more over there, what's wrong :P<br />
Wasn't there Bath bombs from like a few years ago on instructables?<br />
here where I live we don't use of those it'd be interesting to make some ones,<br /> &nbsp; ; )&nbsp; many thanks<br />

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