Picture of How to make Bicycle mobile phone charger

Hello friends,
This time i am here with a simple but useful bicycle mobile charger .
You charge any of your cell phone while cycling and all this you can easily make at home.
It's not so expensive but don't i think the whole setup will cost you around 20 - 30 dollars.
If you are not familiar with electronics you can give the circuit i gave to a electrician and some mechanics part to your local workshop it's a matter of minutes for them. But as far as i think
This is a simple electronics and mechanics project .It uses a AC motor to produce ac current and then the power is supplied to the power HUB and then it's converted to 5 volts DC . 

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Step 1: Parts!

Picture of Parts!

You don't need much stuff some of them are common things you can get them anywhere!

All you need is:

Mechanical Parts


  1. An AC motor or DC one (But i prefer to use an AC motor of a normal small size because in comparison to an AC motor and DC motor should be bigger! you can get them form an old printer or an DVD burner's slide motor which i am using ! the other one specifically the big one in the given picture above could also be used both of them are AC motors! Use a big one if you are willing to use a DC motor )
  2. Some long wires.
  3. Lubricants.


    Electronics Parts

    2. Soldering equipments.
    3. One 1000uf capacitor , one 10uf capacitor , one ceramic capacitor of 0.001uf , 102.
    4. One 100 ohms resistor.
    5. IN 4007 DIODES 4PCS
    6. One connecter jack as per your mobile's input.


fgrassano1 year ago
psst. LM7905 is a linear regulator. It holds the output voltage stable at -5V no matter what happens at the input, as long as it stays at least 2V below, that means at -7V.

that's why you use the diode to rectify that wave that comes from the motor/generator, and a big capacitor so it won't discharge until your next pedal turn

samaddon (author)  fgrassano1 year ago
As you can see it's a typing mistake cause the regulator i have used is also LM 7805 !
Yeah i figured, but it still says:

LM 7805 power transistor

and it's not a power transistor, it's a lineal regulator!
fgrassano1 year ago
In your next step, you use a LM7805. This chip regulates the output at positive 5 Volts, and it's the correct component to use for this project, and not the 7905.

Please fix this step so people won't burn their cell phones jacks up!!!
samaddon (author)  fgrassano1 year ago
Okay you're right sorry sorry first it's a typing mistake i've also used a 7805 but thanks for making me know!
samaddon (author) 1 year ago
Hey fellow members i have something to ask for can you please vote for this instructable !
You said it produces 5V DC, how many amps are supplied?
samaddon (author)  HelmutHound1 year ago
I didn't measured it but as far as i think it would be 1.0amps or more initially i don't have an ammeter ! but it depends the motor you've used.