How to Make Black Powder


Introduction: How to Make Black Powder



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    the safest way to make black powder is to wet the ingredients{stale urine is best}
    after its blended let it dry then break it up to the grain size you need.

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    Urine? You only need that it you're extracting your own salt petre.

    Grind all the ingredients to size *separateley*, then mix by tumbling.

    Do NOT grind the mixed ingredients in a pestle and mortar - I know of at least two people who have lost several fingers doing that.

    As for grinding them in a coffee grinder, you are just BEGGING for a serious, potentially-fatal accident.

    If you want to make black powder, folks, find a different tutorial to follow.

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    Yes, Kiteman. When I was a teenager, I was filling a firework rocket and suddenly it lit by friction under my hand. I was lucky that there was only a bit of powder and not suffered serious hurt, only a superficial burn.