video How to make Black Powder
lennyb2 years ago
the safest way to make black powder is to wet the ingredients{stale urine is best}
after its blended let it dry then break it up to the grain size you need.
Kiteman lennyb2 years ago
Urine? You only need that it you're extracting your own salt petre.

Grind all the ingredients to size *separateley*, then mix by tumbling.
Kiteman2 years ago
Do NOT grind the mixed ingredients in a pestle and mortar - I know of at least two people who have lost several fingers doing that.

As for grinding them in a coffee grinder, you are just BEGGING for a serious, potentially-fatal accident.

If you want to make black powder, folks, find a different tutorial to follow.
Yes, Kiteman. When I was a teenager, I was filling a firework rocket and suddenly it lit by friction under my hand. I was lucky that there was only a bit of powder and not suffered serious hurt, only a superficial burn.