How to make Boot Cuffs from an old Sweater.  A FiberArtsy.com Tutorial

The first project in this series is Boot Cuffs! My daughters love them but the selection at the store is somewhat lacking. The sweater selection at the local thrift shop, however, is not.

Really any kind of sweater works for this project. It just depends on the look you want to achieve. Just make sure the sleeve isn’t too tight and fits well. I used the bulky, red, knitted one.

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

Supplies Needed:
Two sweater sleeves
Pins & Needles
Sewing Machine (optional)

Start by measuring your sleeve. The length of the cuff is really up to you but obviously, the taller the boot, the longer the cuff should be. The part you fold over the top of the boot needs to be at least 3-4″. These are for tall boots so I made the whole thing about 12″ long.

Cut the sleeve about 2″ longer than the final cuff size. That way if the knitting ravels, you have plenty of excess.

Next, place pins next to where you will sew as a guide.
I can crochet a pair of these relatively quickly, but this awesome too!
<p>Great idea! Send me a pic when you do</p>
Where/how can I send you a pic of my boot cuff?
<p>This looks great! Great reuse of a sweater :)</p>
<p>Thanks! It's pretty easy too</p>

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