Step 3: The Shape of Things

Twist and bend your stem into whatever shape you'd like to make. Go crazy. The sky's the limit.
How long can you keep the borax water & if you can store it, how ?
Does this work on any kind of material?<br>I wanna try crystalize a rose for my girlfriend
<p>Ive seen images on google for crystalized flowers. </p>
<p>How much boax do you need?</p>
<p>This is a great project for kids</p>
Hi, Are all crystals white colour? can we colour the burax before adding to get colorful crystals? thanks
<p>You can absolutely dye the mixture. I would recommend adding the coloring before the borax though.</p>
I loved doing this, it was so simple and so effective. Really easy and very impressive!! Thank you for the idea
After the crystals are formed, how do you get the crystals out of the bottom of the jar you used for the ornament?
<p>I'll admit it's really difficult. I usually use jar I've recycled so that if I can't get the crystals out I can let go of the jar w/out not being too disappointed. Try pouring hot water in the jar &amp; stir to dissolve the Borax. If you're trying to save the crystals I'm not sure, maybe carefully use a knife?</p>
I loved doing this, it was so simple and so effective. Really easy and very impressive!! Thank you for the idea
<p>You can redissolve the crystals using hot water again!. </p><p>1Pop the jars in your dishwasher (without adding any more soap), and not only will your jars come out clean, you will also have a clean dishwasher!</p><p>You can even &quot;reuse&quot; the jar and water to make a second ornament. Stick it in the microwave for about 3 minutes or so until the borax dissolves again. Use a spoon to mix as needed. Then put in another pipe cleaner and let cool as before.</p>
hi i tried to make one of these but instead of having a snowy outcome... mine has cubed crystal formed in the pipe cleaner. can anybody help? I dont know what went wrong.. I only had one success then the succeeding batches were like dice jello
This is great but I would be a little worried about putting borax shapes out on the Christmas tree in case visiting kids tried to eat them.<br><br>Could you do this with, for example, table salt, or even sugar? That way you know kids won't eat enough to kill themselves with!
<p>you can definitely use sugar! you ever had these? http://www.inriodulce.com/images/bluerockcandysky.jpg</p>
is there a diference if you use 20 mule team borax to other borax?
Could yopu re dip them each year?
Thank you everyone for your comments and concerns over the potential hazards of mishandling Borax. I've been doing this project for years and have always used constant supervision when doing it with children. Borax is indeed harmful if swallowed. I'm revising my Instructable with a disclaimer and safety instructions. This is a pretty common grade school science experiment and is safe with the proper supervision--here's some more information on Borax that you might find helpful: <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/~hmc/hsci/chemicals/borax.html">http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/~hmc/hsci/chemicals/borax.html</a><br/>
Kids make slime with borax in schools sometimes.
i did that
how do u make slime from borax?
im not sure you can prolly find it on google or wiki knowhow but i think we used borax(duh) some glue im not sure though
. While borax is not completely safe, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borax#Toxicity">it's is not very toxic</a>. No worse than any other laundry product. As you said - &quot;safe with the proper supervision.&quot;<br/>.<br/>. Nice iBle.<br/>
Could the same effect be created using Boric Acid (I know, it sounds worse, but boric acid is used as an eye wash, it is so mild)?
Sweet, all I use borax for is keeping 6 legged critters out of the apartment and making bottles of incredibly flammable green flames. I'll definitely be trying this.
Bottles of increadibly flammable green flames you say... Veryyyyy interesting!
And other colors.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-make-colored-fire-special-effects-90391/">Colored Fire</a><br/>
how do u use borax to make colored flames?
Whoa!! Thanks!
very pretty, and clever, however something worried me a lot. Borax at that saturation is also toxic! and dermal absorbtion is possible. my concern would be very young toddlers either keeping one in their hand to play with, or worse to suck on! and also any household pets that may want to have a toy too. i really do not mean to dampen the parade, just please be careful about access to them.
I keep hearing conflicting reports about borax's toxicity. I have read it is poisonous and should be handles with care, can be used as a roach repellent, and in 2 different herbal books that it can be added to baths and face concoctions. Can someone please shed some light on this?
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/BO/boron.html">http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/BO/boron.html</a><br/>this will give you some idea. as a bath or face product the amount used would be at much less strength than the concentrated crystal forming brew. it is good for garden issues -in deficient soils cabbages split open, too much and plants die! the disposal of the crystal brew should be considered too. that volume would do to apply to a football ground, as a watered down application.I would add hot water to that remnant, dilute that volume by say 1gallon and then add a fair bit of honey! it would supply you and 2 neighbours with a years ant killer:-)<br/>hope this sheds some light, the dose makes the poison!<br/>
Close, but no cigar. Borax is not boron. Here's the proper link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/SO/sodium_tetraborate_decahydrate.html">http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/SO/sodium_tetraborate_decahydrate.html</a><br/>
&quot;Harmful if swallowed. Possible risk of damage to unborn child. Risk of impaired fertility. Irritant.&quot;<br/><br/>Why are these natural body care books recommending this? Then again a lot of things are fine except when you are pregnant, and those lists are very thourough. Idk...<br/><br/>I don't see a problem with this project though, as long as no one eats them.<br/><br/><strong>Instead of ant killer you could use the leftovers in your laundry</strong>. Just add a few teaspoons per load. Apparently it keeps the soap from sticking to anything and so leaves your clothes(or skin in some recipes) cleaner. I use it in my laundry sometimes and it seems to work well.<br/>
Oh and also I've heard of mopping your kitchen floor with borax solution to keep roaches away. Don't know about bare feet on this though.
hi taraist, in the laundry borax is for removing stains, and handy for woolens. never noticed soap sticking unless i have used pure yellow soap grated, and then that was a gross floaty mess:-( a few drops of eucalyptus oil is better for debugging clothes before storage. as to why? books use it, the line "the dose- is the poison" holds true ,in small amounts it is fine and not an issue, my whole point about the safety was that this instructable uses a Super Saturated solution! and i was glad to see a safety rider was added promptly. salt would do the same and be safer! and the sugar idea..well ..not for storage and also likely to go sticky if any humidity in the room ie from the damp sand round a tree for eg. and the ant factor too, especially here in australia, our xmas being in ant season ie summer. have a merry xmas!
how does salt make these decorations?
For insect control I believe borax powder is put down where the insects travel. The idea being the insects die after the borax damages their exoskeleton
I tried this instructable last night and it worked marvelously! Thank you for this awesome idea. As for the toxicity problem...I worried a little about that, too, however, good common sense should remedy that. For example, keeping out of reach of children and pets! In all honesty, a glass ornament could fall on the ground and shatter and be stepped on and present a danger. There are dangers everywhere and common sense is the only way to combat those potential dangers. I am thinking myself about giving it a coat of clear gloss to see if I can make it hold up better and it may also provide a barrier to where there would be no transdermal absorption.
the poison level of borax is low.it will make you sick but you have eat a lot of it to die from it say about 4 cups
sorry for bothering you, but if I'd like to use something else nt chenille stem like copper wire, or artificial flower silk flower or porcelain flower does crystal stick to it? or only specific object we use anythign else can't be used. Thanks
crystals will stick to anything but they will not look the same
I am not sure, but I have made crystals in the past and there are many other ways to make crystals. Pipe cleaners work well, but anything that will hold the crystals (so something kinda furry like pipe cleaners) should work.<br />
since borax kills insects they are safe to store for years if kept dry and they will help keep the pests away
<br> I made some for Halloween!&nbsp; Thanks for the 'ibile!<br> <br>
I&nbsp;was wondering after seeing this and watching the other video on this site <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Beautiful_Crystal_Covered_Apartment/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/community/Beautiful_Crystal_Covered_Apartment/</a> if I&nbsp;could take a piece of wood, cover it in felt (so the crystals can grip it like the pipe cleaner) and suspended it on top of a tub of the borax formula and make an art piece for my bedroom with it.<br /> Any thoughts?<br />
My comp. went for a crap at x-mas so I didn't get to tell you....<br /> I did this with my After School Group (aged 4-12)&nbsp;, it was their gift for their parents.&nbsp;&nbsp; At first I&nbsp;had them made inside jars but the kids pipecleaner shapes (i let them create their own) were to wide so I ended up cutting a 2L milk catrton in half, which worked much better.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> Some observations&nbsp;the kids &amp; I&nbsp;made:<br /> &gt; the fuzzier the pipecleaner the more crystals stuck.<br /> &gt; we used about 7-8 Tbsp. of Borax in the milk container<br /> &gt; wearing vinyl gloves feels weird, wearing safety glasses is &quot;right awsome&quot;<br /> &gt; a tree shape, candycane shape, snowflake shape grew the most crystals<br /> &gt; do not let the water cool before stirring in the borax, reboil the water<br /> <br /> We will probablly do this again to see what the crystals will &amp; will not grow on!<br /> Thanx for this amazing project!!!<br />
Do you think if I added some kind of scented oil to the borax water mix the borax would absorb the oil as it crystalizes and therefore turn into homemade crystal potpourri?

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