Step 2: What you'll need

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  • Wax - I got mine from Joanne's, a 4 pound block for something like $14
  • Wicks - Got it from Joanne's, too, for $2
  • Crayons (If you want your candle colored)
  • Scent (I used vanilla extract)
  • Olive oil (Optional)

(Joanne's sends out 40% off any item coupons every sunday in our newspaper, check for coupon's from your craft store, they're helpful =] )

*Double boiler (Or two nesting pots)
*Molds (I used a soda can, and a dixie cup)
*Mixing Spoon
Beekeeper4 years ago
Wicks are braided - either flat braided or square braided. Before braided wick was invented, candles used to develop great long wicks sticking up into the flame which required regular trimming to avoid clouds of black smoke and soot. Braided wick curls over as it burns and thus sticks out into the hot part of the flame where it is able to burn itself away. Flat braided wicks are usually better for paraffin wax candles wheres square braided is better for beeswax (which burns slower). Additionally you have to get the right size/diameter of wick proportional to the diameter of your candle. If the wick is too small you will get that big puddle of wax in the middle of the candle which snuffs out the flame, or the surplus wax runs down the side of the candle. The wick has to be big enough to soak up the amount of wax that the heat from the flame melts. I could go on and on about candle making as I have been making all kinds of beeswax candles for nearly 50 years.
ricoplace5 years ago
What are wicks really made up of?  Cotton string?. Like around the house or in 100 foot rolls? say 40 lb. test? if, so should i presoak the wick in wax? THere must be something lying around the house!

Wicks are actually very clevery engineered textiles! Made to burn properly without smoking, to trim themselves as they burn, and to be exactly the right size and weight for a certain size of candle. You have to get wick! You cannot use string, and you cannot make your own.
gilleseg5 years ago
Joanne Fabrics??
Weissensteinburg (author)  gilleseg5 years ago
It's a craft store, similar to Michael's.