Picture of How to make Card Soldiers Out Of Old Pharmacy Bottles
For October's Creative Reuse build day - each of the Rabbit Hole [Rochester, MN hackerspace] members were tasked to work on a scene for the stop frame animation movie.  I wanted to work on the Queen's Court for the main rabbit character to go through and saw that I had saved a bunch of old Target pharmacy bottles.

What you need:
  • Old Pharmacy bottles - I used ones from Target because they have the perfect shape to them.
  • Deck of Cards
  • Random bits that can be used as heads for the soldiers
  • Spears/spear substitutes
  • Scissors

Step 1: Clean the pharmacy bottles!

Picture of Clean the pharmacy bottles!
So the first thing is to get all of the sticky stuff off of the pharmacy bottles.  You can use hot water to get the initial paper/glue off.  But to really clean it, just use mineral spirits and a paper towel and rub clean!

iceng1 year ago
Excellent choice of heads etc from a junk pile of
never used  New components for your card soldiers.

Very good clean and clear  photos.

Where I live the casinos sell a deck of cards used on only one gaming shift
for a dollar from special vending machines..

But Iv never seen rectangular Target pharmacy bottles only round ones.
Tymkrs (author)  iceng1 year ago
Thanks - though the lightbulb had been burned out! :) And that's pretty neat re: casino cards - those would definitely work. And the Target pharmacies in my area give these red ones, not sure about elsewhere.