Picture of How to make Chains from Soda Can Tabs
Turn your soda can tabs into an awesome aluminum chains!  What you do with them is completely up to you!

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: Cutting metal clips with scissors can result in cuts, scrapes or tears.  Adult assistance, and/or gloves are suggested for safety.

Step 2: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Have Fun Doing It!

Picture of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Have Fun Doing It!
Here's how to up-cycle these marvels of engineering, into lightweight aluminum chains.

Whether you're going for bling, swagger, or just looking for a different way to decorate, you might be surprised at what you can do with the tabs from your soda cans. 

I tried making custom picture frames, belts, wristbands, and wallet chains.  What would you make?

Step 3: The First Chain-link

Picture of The First Chain-link
For this project, I swung by a local recycling depot, and picked a whole load of soda can tabs, for free.

Now let's get started by breaking off the rivet mounts for each of the tabs we want to use, then stack five of them together so they're all aligned. 

This will be the first link in our chain, and you can see I turned the smooth shiny surfaces so they're facing outward.

Step 4: The Second Link

Picture of The Second Link
Now if we take a pair of scissors and carefully cut a slit through the thinner end, this gives us the ability to gently pry it open, creating a small gap. 

Now all you have to do is push the hook through the thicker end of our chain link, and bend the metal back to close the gap.  It's as easy as that. 

Just repeat the process again until you've got 5 tabs secured in place, and double check the sides to make sure they're smooth.

Step 5: Make It Grow!

Picture of Make It Grow!
If you want a longer chain, just continue the process by cutting 5 tabs at a time, and linking them on to the end.  Once you get the hang of it, there's no limit on how long you can make it, and so much you can do with the idea!
lkay51 month ago
this is a very well done instructable! logical steps, great pics and easy to understand. now ive got to save sme tabs! all I need is 10 to start!
Viniciusl made it!2 months ago

Very nice, I really like this?

mmurph9142 months ago

That is really neat!

women_tips1 year ago

Nice idea.But where did you collect these soda tabs

ya I posted on that to

from soda cans -_-.

cool! but were do you get all the popcans?

I was about making a nice job

Plo Koon10 months ago


gennagonna11 months ago

l have been saving bottle caps

Care Blair1 year ago

Im going to use this idea to make brass knuckles.

-JMS- Care Blair11 months ago

The cops are gonna be on you. LOL

i tried this, and it broke when i actually used it. so unless you want to decorate or just look at it, it's not exactly the greatest. when i did it, it took me an hour to remove the rivets, and my thumbs were raw for a week! is there a way i could make it stronger?


It worked for me, could hold 180 lb. of force.

I did that with paper clips
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
Dat woman do ( ̄▽ ̄)
patsheldon1 year ago

hah! Nifty and thrifty idea!

hammer98761 year ago

Around here, aluminum cans are .52 USD a pound and you are getting the tabs for free?
Also, there is this:
Collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities

That's what I save my tabs for (my granddaughter had eye cancer and lost her eye at the age of 15 months old so this has a special meaning to me) but I may take one batch so I can give this a go and see what I can do. Those look cool.

clh1 year ago

When I was a teenage, I daily collected pulltabs from cans and made a chain of them (the tabs were bent to secure each link). I had the chain draped around my bedroom and when it became really a huge metal spider web, Mom made me take it down. I stretched it out along the street and it was more than 15 houses long! Can't remember what I did with it, but probably just threw it away (no recycling back then).

instruct391 year ago
I think I might apply this idea to make some snow chains for my rc truck

This is a cool Idea :)

timon8778 1 year ago
TheKingOfRandom I never knew you were on here could you mention this app in one of your videos so more people can get to know this app? Unless Some Fan Just Made An Account With Yoyr Name

Lol I literally was looking for tabs as I was reading this :P It's a perfect way to recycle! Now just to remind everyone to save their tab XD

A few additional tips I would like to add to this is to take needle nose pliers and crush that lip down so that when you link them, they turn smoothly. And secondly, to flip the last link over so that you have the smooth shiny side on both sides. Hope that May help anyone wanting to do this. And have a great day!

Awesome! I'll start collecting those tabs...

Um can somebody on here help me with posting a video on instructables I'm having trouble some help would be nice

You want to ask in the 'help' section in the forums or on the Answers and Questions area.

boatingman1 year ago
Heck. Check out his other videos. This guy is amazing. He should have his own TV show. I've made several of the things in his projects, including the Scariac, his spot welder, and his check valves. Have I said he's amazing? Well, I said it again.
die potato1 year ago
Next step...

You definitly have my vote!

Funny Face.jpg
hunter9991 year ago

You are awesome. Pure genius! Seriously, this is very creative! Voted :-)

Dude, this is ingenious!
antoniraj1 year ago

I like your ideas... you are very creative

GREAT idea!! :)

I'm glad you liked it!