How to Make Chapati - an Indian Flat Bread





Introduction: How to Make Chapati - an Indian Flat Bread

Chapati is an unleavened Indian flat bread that is eaten with vegetables or curries. Watch this video and learn how to make this delicious Indian treat.
For the detailed recipe:



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here is a recipe for healthy chapatti:

well its fried and there's a fair bit of oil...prob not too healthy..

you dnt have to use too much oil to cook a chapathi ... you can make them using very less oil or can even cook it without oil.

Actually, not all oils are unhealthy. Olive oil is a perfect example of a healthy oil. There are several others such as walnut, sunflower, etc...that can be considered a healthy oil and this recipe is definitely a healthy one that I'm going to put on my list of things to make. I already keep a whole wheat pita dough on hand in my refrigerator, now this one is going to be added, too.

If you're looking to add healthy carbs to your diet, this is definitely one to put on the menu.

Have a wonderful day!

Actually it's very healthy, compared to many breads,because
1) It contains MAINLY lots of GOOD wheat protein
2) Contains fibre in the form of as wheat bryan
3) Does not contain harmful cheicals like SODA.
4) Eergetic because of carbohydrates.
5) Contains very less fat (you can cook chapati using very very less oil if you wish, n still it tastes great!)

I grill mine.

Thank you so much! It's a really hot day here today, so the last thing I want to do is fire up the oven. Your recipe is an excellent alternative. I have one question: you say parathas and chapati are the same thing, but I thought you were supposed to roll and re-roll the dough, layering it with oil or ghee for parathas. But I'm not sure how you go about it. Can you explain? In any case, thank you again--I'm trying this today!

Thank you for the great video. I used a food processor. I kept pouring hot water in slowly until the dough came together and then followed the rest of your steps. Some I cooked a little to long causing them to be crispy. Thank you again, great job.

My goodness, I am no longer going to the store to buy chapati! Thank you for this easy to follow instructable! I cannot wait to try this! And it looks so simple to make!