Step 1: What You'll Need

A broken headphone (the cheap ones), soldering iron, pliers, knife, screwdriver, tape, wide scotch tape, thin scotch tape, glue (a strong one and a normal one - as you can see, I do not have the normal one...) and a ruler (that I also don't have, so I used what I do have).
I like, though I think I'd glue my design to some card stock or something of the sort.
Looks very nice, with good descriptions and great photos, but a few suggestions: <ul> <li> Add a link to the source of the image you printed and cut out. If you made it yourself, upload it and insert it into a step. Everything is based on an image that we don't have. <li> Combine some steps. You could easily shrink this&nbsp; from 46 steps to less than 10 and make it that much more readable. Put all the descriptions and photos of cutting out pieces in one step, everything about pulling apart and fixing the headphones in another step, etc. <li> In the editor there is an &quot;embed video&quot; icon that will let you embed the video from Step 45 directly into the Instructable. </ul> And since this is your first Instructable, this is where I say, Welcome!<br>
Yes, what CameronSS said.
46 steps with not even a sentence per step, must be a record.

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