Step 13: Put on the Pasta...pour on the Sauce, and Enjoy!

Now that your pot of water is likely boiling (a nice rapid boil, I hope), add the pasta
and a few good dashes of salt. Cook according to the directions on your pasta package,
or use your own judgment - you know, the 'pick a strand out, pass it between your fingers
because it's burning them, then shove it into your mouth and chew' test.

Not done yet, one more minute. Don't overcook pasta. Soggy pasta is, well, it is, it's just nasty.

My suggestion for this recipe - Barilla Thin Spaghetti.

When the spaghetti is finished, drain, mix well with a bit more olive oil, and serve immediately
with a good scoop of Cacciatore sauce. Suggested side dish - a big hunk of French bread.

Bon Appetite! Makes excellent leftovers!

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