Introduction: How to Make Chikoo Burfi

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Chickoo burfi is very delicious and easy to make.

Preparation Time :- 15 Mins

Recipe Servings :- 7-8 pieces


1. 4-5 chikoo pulp (peel the skin and grate)

2. 150g mawa (dried whole milk)

3. 3 tbsp desiccated coconut

4. ½ cup sugar

5. 3 green cardamoms

6. Chopped pista nuts.

Step 1: Preparations :-

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1. Heat a pan on a low flame and put mash chickos.

2. After 2 mins add grated khoya.

3. keep the pan on a low flame and begin to stir the mixture.

4. keep on stirring the mixture continuously.

5. When the mixture bubbling and slightly thickening, remove the pan from fire.

Step 2: Preparations -II

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6. Add the powdered almonds, pistachios & cardamom mixture.

7. Mix quickly and very well.

8. Pour the barfi mixture on the greased tray with ¼ tsp ghee and spread it to a layer of ½ inch thickness from all sides. level the top with the spatula.

Step 3: Preparations for Serve

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9. Spread some finely chopped or powdered almonds and pistachios all over the barfi.

10. Once cooled at room temperature, slice chicko pista barfi.

11. Chickoo Burfi is ready.


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