Introduction: How to Make Chilaquiles!!

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Hi instructables people! I made this instructables becuase I thought it was about time I posted something that would maybe help other members. I hope you enjoy my instructables and that it will help! (I would also like help from members so I can improve every instructables I may post)

Thank You!! =D

Step 1: Gathering Ingrediants:

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For the chilaquiles you will need:
Chiles rojos secos (dried red peppers) - 8
Chile piquin - 2 hand-fulls 
Tortillas - 1/2 kilo
Oil - 1/8 cup
Salt and cheese to your taste
You can find this ingrediants at any market (Wal-mart, King-soopers, etc.)

Step 2: Preparing Salsa for Chilaquiles.

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To prepare the salsa you will need the dried red peppers and the chile piquin. Get a small boiling pan and fill it up with water half way. After you have done that put the water to boil for 5 min. then put the chiles inside the pan. (both dried red peppers and chile piquin)

Step 3: Tortillas

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The tortillas are hard to get just right, they can burn if you leave them to long, or be to soft and not get that little crunch that makes chilaquuiles even better =]. So  if you dont have patience to fry the tortillas on your own, then just buy tortilla chips (round or traingular) and fry them a little.

Step 4: Almost There!!!!

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When the chiles have boiled for about seven minutes (or soked up most of the water) they are done. When they are done blend the chiles until it makes a smooth thick salsa (this will take up about a minute of blending. Pour the salsa into the pan with the tortillas, mix and add salt to taste.

Step 5: Yummy!!!!! =}

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After you let the tortillas soke up a little bit of the salsa they are ready to serve. Chilaquiles taste best hot. If you want cheese then just grade some cheese on top of the hot chilaquiles.
BEWARE: they might be a too spicy so have a big cup of water next to you before you dig in.


zascecs (author)2010-05-15

Good stuff. And 'grats on your first ible! 

Well thank you very much =]

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Kiteman (author)2010-04-02

(A glass of milk is better for cooling a spice-burned mouth than water, due to the fat in the drink.)

zascecs (author)Kiteman2010-05-15

And plain old yogurt is even better...

I did not  know that...Thanks 8)

acidbass (author)2010-04-28

 good job for your first ible my first was a disaster keep up the good work

thank you very much =]
I haven't gotten very much comments or anything on it though =[
rate it? please =[X

 you probably wont my first iblehas been here for almost two years and it only has 15 comments and 700 views but my 3rd ible has 1129 views so dont worry about it

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