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How to make Chocolate Frappuccino Mocha Latte

For those of you who are poor like me, or simply love doing things DIY even early in the morning, this is for you.

The name is complicated, I swear the ingredients are not. This took me 15 minutes the first time, and It'll take you less once you have the syrup on the ready. This is made from normal coffee, and not espresso. (If you want it to taste more espresso-like, just add a teaspoon more of coffee when you brew it.)

I like mine hot, but you can cool it by sticking it in the fridge or adding ice. Just don't add ice first (in the cup) then add the hot coffee, or else you could break the cup.

You will notice that most of the drink is actually just milk, and only 1/4 to 1/5 of the actual mix is coffee.

For one cup you will need:
Syrup (this makes a small cup of syrup, so you can use it maybe 10-15 times again, same recipe)

1/4 cup of cocoa powder (NOT GROUND CHOCOLATE)
1/2 cup sugar (I used a little less, maybe 3/8)
1 dash salt
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (make your own!)


2 teaspoons your choice of ground coffee (I chose Trader Joes Bay Blend Arabica Beans)
1/4 cup of hot water

3/4 cup of hot milk (you can steam this if you have the tools)

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SophieZ7 days ago

Absolutely delicious!!! Thank you for the simple but amazing recipe.

CatherineO21 month ago
Very nice, i put the vanilla extract in with the syrup. The finished syrup is awesome on its own!
Xalten4 months ago
Thanks, I made it and it tastes delicious. I rarely ever have mochas so I just added milk to the syrup, boiled it, and made some good hot chocolate later on.
CDM_19804 months ago

So this might be a stupid question but i cant see an answer above. Going to give this a try but was wondering when you put the Vanilla Extract in? is it just mixed in with the syrup while its cooling?

Xalten CDM_19804 months ago
Most vanilla extract has alcohol mixed in, so ita better to put it in at the begining to vaporize it when boiling it.
CaveTrollerG6 months ago

would baking cocoa work instead of cocoa powder?

flio191 (author)  CaveTrollerG6 months ago
I'm certain that's fine!
jan.stroh.947 months ago

can't wait to try this, do you refrigerate the leftover mocha syrup?

AndyE28 months ago

Just what I was looking for! I was finally able to make an acceptable Caffe Mocha at home instead of driving across town to Starbucks. I like mine less sweet, so used 3/8 c sugar and it was just right.

eblokwk10 months ago

Fu Fu drink and a waste of good coffee.

Great now i can get my favorite drink at home.

Oh yeah its espresso not expresso

sisisisi251 year ago

One of the best chocolate syrups I have ever tasted and one of the best mochaccinos too! Good job on the instructable, you got yourself a new follower.

I just made this and it was delicious. I'm not normally a coffee person, but when I get a hankering for it mochas tend to be my favored drink. At $5 a pop, however, I just can't afford to buy them! As the school year looms on the horizon, I thank you for enabling me to develop a sustainable coffee habit.
JJ.m993 years ago
Thank you so much :D I've just made this and it tastes delicious !!
MakerBorn4 years ago
Great 'structable! I got to go to Paris (free!) in October, and I've been craving something like this (that I can actually afford) ever since. Thanks!
oooooh.. good... thanks ;-)
jjinyancey5 years ago
Does it matter what kind of milk you use...whole milk, 2 %, whipping cream...?
The lower the fat the easier it is to froth, skim being the easiest, but the more fat the better it tastes. Skim is good if you just want to learn how to do it, then move on to 2%
flio191 (author)  jjinyancey5 years ago
no, not really... but the more fat content i think it will have a better smooth effect... it's up to you.
mojobo15 years ago
Great 'ible, my only problem was the frothing.. I have a Mr. Coffee (really cheap) and I guess the frother just doesn't have enough pressure to properly froth the milk. It barely froths it then as soon as you take the wand out the bubbles disappear. :( 

Still good though. I loved the syrup!
REDandroid5 years ago
 I like the fact you show how to make the syrup. I have been looking for ways to make these drinks at home without the espresso machine because i'm dirt poor, and I'm addicted to Mochas. I bought a Billetti Italian espresso maker ($35) that works good for making espresso on the stove. The French press dosen't extract the flavor as good as i'd like, but i could be doing something wrong (there seems to be a million techniques to use this simple device :). This instructable was good info! THANKS! 
Rotten1946 years ago
I love this. Fave, 5*
MrUbuntu6 years ago
One of my favorite instructables ever! I am also poor so thanks a lot! 5 Stars!
madmanmoe646 years ago
too poor for an espresso machine!!??, You can get basic ones for £20. mine makes espresso and steams milk (which is how ur supposed to get the froth, those hand whisks r useless)
Great instructable! I found that if you add more coffee and a tenny bit of honey and Sugar in the Raw, it gets rid of the slightly bitter aftertaste. (maybe that's just because I use bad coffee) Cinnamon tastes good with it too.
hg3416 years ago
HOLY HELL I WANT YOU F!@#ING BIG CUPi liked it but i do this with half and half a little milk some suger that weird Hershey's Syrup stuff and mostly coffee
flio191 (author)  hg3416 years ago
sounds good man. haha. how did you do the teletype font?
flio191 (author)  flio1916 years ago
err... superscript
hg341 flio1916 years ago
shift 6 its the little carrot i would show you but it wont let me
flio191 (author)  hg3416 years ago
like this?
flio191 (author)  flio1916 years ago
awesome! thanks mucho grande style
hg341 flio1916 years ago
TzGirl6 years ago
Thanks for a nice, detailed description - sounds delicious & I hope to try it myself sometime soon !
flio191 (author)  TzGirl6 years ago
thank you
Oh hell yes, I'm doing this. No more paying four bucks for decent coffee! :D
flio191 (author)  DarkKnightJared6 years ago
;D that's what i said.
D.A.N6 years ago
how big is a cup
flio191 (author)  D.A.N6 years ago
as big as you want it to be, I usually just stick with about 1/4 coffee, and 3/4 milk.
hedgiehog6 years ago
mm looks good, so a quater cup coffe is needed, which is relative to how much syrup, and how much milk?
flio191 (author)  hedgiehog6 years ago
Y'know, however much you need to fill up that cup of yours, or however much you want. For a sweeter drink, use more milk, and less coffee, and for a more coffee tasting drink, do the opposite!
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