How to Make Coffee Liqueur Easily!





Introduction: How to Make Coffee Liqueur Easily!

I really like Kahlua milk. After I knew that I can make coffee liqueur by myself, I had to do it.

And I want to share this simple recipe with you :)

Step 1: Materials

Very simple ingredients are :

1. Roasted coffee bean 1

2. White sugar 1

3. Liquor 2

and you need a bottle to contain them.

The bottle must be sterilized in some manner. I just done it with boiling water.

Normally Vodka is used as liquor. 100 proof is good but 80 proof is okay.

I just used Soju, which is traditional liquor of Korea, because it was easy to get for me.

I think any pure distilled liquor is okay.

The numbers next to the ingredients indicates the ratio of them.

I used them in 1 : 1 : 2, but it is flexible following your favor.

Step 2: Put in Coffee Bean!

Just simply, put in coffee bean first.

Step 3: Put in Sugar and Liquor!

and put in sugar and liquor.

Step 4: Mix It!

Now, mix it after covering the bottle.

When choosing a bottle, choosing a bottle of larger size than the ingredients is good.

If it is so tight, you can get trouble mixing the ingredients.

Step 5: Wait, at Least a Month.

This picture is taken after 5 days :) ( I'm really looking forward to open it)

You have to wait for at least a month. I think this is the hardest part of making it.

Mix it once a 3~4 days for a month.

Open the cap once in a while to release gas.

When it is time to finish, filter and pour to new 'sterilized' bottle.

And enjoy your home made coffee liquor!



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Is there a cheaper alternative to the Vodka, as that costs more than an equivalent amount of Coffee Liqueur?

you don't want Everclear, as there's not enough water for the water soluble compounds. You want something around 90 proof, with as little flavor as possible. Look for sales. Soju, sake, vodka, etc. are all the right kind of thing. There are cheaper vodkas.

Everclear is the cheapest 100 proof

everclear is 190 proof...

Just use the cheapest vodka you can find. We have a friend in Arizona who makes her own Kahlua, but I think her recipe is different, and you can use it immediately.

I guess it depends on your taste, Vodka is honestly better since it wont add to much of another flavor to the liquor since it's mostly alcohol, i would recommend some whisky like Jack Daniels but the flavor of it can be overwhelming and completely cover the flavor of coffe.

Here's a strange question, do you, or have you thought to try letting the beans dry out afterward to make coffee with them? I started this project the other day and thought about trying that when it is done.


Do you have the exact amount of ingredients?

i.e. how many grams of coffee beans, how many grams of sugar and how many milliliters of liquor did you use?

I will translate/simplify this
You can weight or volume the ingredients.
you can use say 8oz coffe, 8 oz sugar and 16oz liquor (1:1:2 ratio) (i'm using Oz since it covers volume and weight)