Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe

I was wondering about polymer clay substitutes and decided to experiment with homemade air-dry clays.

This recipes is very fast and easy to make, not to mention inexpensive. There's no need to bake either.

The things that can be modelled from cold porcelain clays are incredible. Its possible to sculpt finer details than polymer clays.  Objects dry to a light-weight, stone like texture. Try it and see where your creativity takes you.
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Step 1: Ingredients You Need

Picture of Ingredients You Need
This recipe makes one silky smooth, soft cup of cold porcelain clay. Suitable for thin flowers and leaf sculptures.

1 cup cornflour (optional try using rice flour 50:50 mix)
3/4 cup pva (wood) glue
3 drops of eucalyptus or nutmeg oil (for a preservative)
either 1 teaspoon baby oil or 1/2 tsp petroleum jelly (to prevent cracking during drying)
1/4 cup water

(New Recipe! update here, no cracks! How to Make Cold Porcelain Beads)

Step 2: Cook Ingredients

Picture of Cook Ingredients
Ensure there is plenty of ventilation or wear a mask. Take care not to burn PVA as it may be toxic.

This will take only a few of minutes to form into a round mass.

Mix cornflour with water until free of lumps.  Stir in pva glue and oils. Blend until smooth.

Stir on very low heat until the mixture forms first into a sticky glue then a thick ball. (Around 9 minutes)

The texture should be quite sticky.  Once you roll out on a board or sink bench top, everything will come together.  If the texture is rubbery and difficult to mold into thin petals it seems the clay has gone past redemption and is totally unusable and needs to be chucked in the bin.

I experimented with trying to recycle the rubberised mixture and after 72 hours soaking in water it softened and returned to a soft, pulpy mass.
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KuhAngeles6 days ago

Would I be able to make something using this recipe that will withstand longterm water submersion that is safe for living things? Like a decorative ornament to go inside a glass flower vase?

mamaRoxc1 month ago

I'd like to try this, but I am really not too fond of putting toxic air in my home.. ✮ I have two children, and toxic fumes or smoke is not a welcome visitor
.. ✮ I will have to try this [at someone else's house?] because I really like the idea of making my own air-dry clay. Thanks for the tutorial!

Jim Davidson3 months ago

Why on earth would you want to cook this? My guess...too much liquid. At the Studio we use what we call "CFC". (cold fusion clay) 1/2 cup PVA, 1 cup cornflour (corn starch) 1 tbs+ Boiled linseed oil, and 1 tsp salt. Mix to desired consistency adding water via a spray bottle or to thicken, a little more cornflour. This stuff air dries in 24 hours depending on the thickness or sooner in an oven a around 100-125 degrees in a couple of hours...again thickness is a factor. We don't have any problems with cracking. Add moist toilet paper, shredded and soaked brown paper bags and even chopped fiber glass insulation for strength, never poses a problem. These extra components are mixed in with a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the paddle attachment. Just a bit or positive assistant to make your artistic quest a reality...

Thank you so much for telling us how to do (basically) the same thing, sans cooking. I have absolutely no plans to put toxic fumes in the air with my two children at home. I appreciate your input!

twestbrook110 months ago
Would olive/vegetable oil be a working substitute for baby oil and tacky glue for wood glue? Does this dry light weight, able to use for a mask? Thanks! Also if anyone could recommend other recipe, it would be appreciated!
Gomi Romi (author)  twestbrook110 months ago
Yes! the ultimatepaper mache lady uses linseed oil.
Looks like some very nice work! Do you happen to know what temperature it can withstand? For example, can you put it in an oven at 350 F and expect the air dry clay to not deform? I am trying to find a way to create a moderately permanent mold at room temperature that can withstand pvc plastic melting into it and create mini figures from the pvc in this way.
Gomi Romi (author)  miniaturemaker1 year ago
Hi, actually this is an unfired recipe and dries over several days. its easy to crack but if you use more glycerin that water it will not crack as much. personally, i wouldn't fire this because of the fumes from the glue. its just so durable to make beads and small sculptures. i think you can make great molds from paper clay, which unfired is quite durable. i haven't tried it but have seen it done before. (search for unfired clay hump molds)
hshahid1 year ago
can i use this recipe to make jelwry?small flowers?plz do reply thankx
Gomi Romi (author)  hshahid1 year ago
Yes, but you need to find a way to waterproof it. I think that ultimatepapermache has a better waterproof recipe for jewelry.
Superb reciepe. Can I use this for sugar flowers or to cover a dummy?
Gomi Romi (author)  aycaweerakoon2 years ago
Sure, except its not edible.
Boy, I love this site! I've learned so many interesting things, starting off with cardboard furniture.
So glad to have this site to peruse instead of going to the *(&^**&^% bead sites and spending all my money (which I can't afford to spend!!)
Nahual2 years ago
What kind of paint did you use? do you paint before it's dry?
Gomi Romi (author)  Nahual2 years ago
Sorry for late reply, I use food colouring and paint with gouache. Acrylic does not work very well and goes all mushy.
Gomi Romi (author)  Nahual2 years ago
I used food colouring to mix with the paint. For the black beads in the new recipe I mixed in Chinese Black Ink.

Tried oil paints for the outside, that did not look so good, and alsow mixed the clay with acrylic paints, that was pretty awful.

I had good results with food colouring. I would first waterproof the scupture with either furniture or floor polish or diamond glaze then paint with nail polish, pastels acrylics or gouache.

Hope that helps U!
helenh202 years ago
try using glycerine instead of water... I have a great recipe that I gained from another site using home items ... I have made several items using this clay and the shrinkage and cracking has reduced because I use no water.
soco helenh202 years ago
hi, could you please tell me how much of glycerine did you use, instead of water? thank you
vmarzonia2 years ago
Can I use cornstarch instead of rice flour or cornflour and Elmer's glue as substitute for wood glue?.. thanks!... : )
I have only used cornstarch and elmers glue in my cold porcelain
Gomi Romi (author)  vmarzonia2 years ago
I think cornstarch is the same thing as cornflour and Elmer's glue is a different brand name for wood glue - should be fine!
tonyblitz12 years ago
Will this work as a substitute clay for designing scale automotive models
Gomi Romi (author)  tonyblitz12 years ago
I think UltimatePaperMache recipe using drywall mixture is probably more economical - her link is here
notice how rustic her work is, is that what you're look for? All the best with that.
emmakrazy2 years ago
My Aunt had a doll made like this and i loved it but I was never sure how it was made. Thanks for sharing, I think I could made it work and do up keepsake dolls for my granddaughters. :)
Gomi Romi (author)  emmakrazy2 years ago
Your welcome! You might like to check out my new recipe which I used to make CLAY EGGS. This seems to have less like to crack issues or mold! All the best with your dolls.
I was wondering if I could use 3 drops of lemon juice instead of the eucalyptus oil. Thanks!
Gomi Romi (author)  insructoperson2 years ago
Hmm, not sure. You might substitute the eucalyptus oil with olive oil or vege oil. I would try the lemon as well, that might work!
taria3 years ago
okay so the recipe at the top is the correct one for making this clay? I'm only asking cause in your description you say' I tried this and then tried tha't and I got confused. I just want to make sure before I do the one you have at the top. BTW your sculptures are amazing. Did you use the same recipe for those cause you said it will shrink and distort and they look stunning.

Sorry for the stupid questions.
Gomi Romi (author)  taria3 years ago
Hi, yes this is correct for pva glue clay. Thanks, but the sculptures are not by me but by Katya Tchernev from Brazil. I've had so much difficulties with storing it and the cracks that I prefer going back to natural clays. I would try contacting Katya for special advice.
AustralLord3 years ago
I am thinking about making a clay pipe for smoking, could I use this type of clay?
I wouldn't use this type of clay as it has pva glue in it which may be toxic if inhailed. You need to use a proper kiln fired clay for a pipe.
mini_mom3 years ago
I can not wait to try making beads and pendant charms using this material--Thank You. I love high fired porcelian but I have no kiln so this makes me so happy.
mini_mom3 years ago
Yeah thanks for the idea --this looks like awsome modeling and sculpting material---can not wait to try it out this Summer.
Thanks for this polymer clay substitute!!! I have also some free videos from the Thai Flower Company and your clay will be very helpful for me since i can't find any clay here in our place locally sold in the market. I am so excited to start making your clay. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!
Gomi Romi (author)  N&S Creations3 years ago
your welcome! Yes, i came across the Thai Flower Company also. Their amazing. The difficulty with porcelain clay I found with many many cracks and going mouldy after a few weeks. Someone online uses totally glue and no water in her recipe to prevent cracks. Hope it turns out well for you.

. With paper clay, I find it a lot stronger and easier than any clay I've used to model quickly. What's great with paperclay is that is does not require cooking. I simply mash paper into into a slurry. It dries easily, it can be strengthen by adding potash (made from burnt wood ash,careful to use gloves to prevent alkaline burns to your hands)
Thanks again for the info! I will really start making your clay as soon as possible. I will be following you and your next projects!!! More power.!!!!!!
thepelton3 years ago
Where do you get Eucalyptus oil or Nutmeg oil?
Gomi Romi (author)  thepelton3 years ago
You could find Eucalyptus oil at the Chemist and nutmeg oil from an Asian food store.
Excellent recipe! Can i use his recipe to make canes(orange cane etc)?
Would the clay crack after drying?
Gomi Romi (author)  sabaku no gaara3 years ago
I think its possible, though I noticed the more water I put in the recipe the more it will shrink and distort. However when I smoothed the exterior with a bit of pva thinned with water the surface will dry smoothly. Experiment!
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