This instructable is how to make you're pencils look cool! If you like what I make please Subscribe to me!!! I'm enter this in to the back to school conest so please vote for it!!!

Step 1: Pencil

OK you need a plane  pencil,mod poge and a picture that you want on you're pencil. brush, some thing thatr cuts.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut you're picture out  of what ever you're picture is on.

Step 3: Wrap

Ok wrap you're picture around you're pencil and if a spot is too long the trim it!

Step 4: Mod Poge!

OK put a coat of mod poge on the pencil then wrap you're picture around it and hold it to you think it can hold it self.

Step 5: Coat!

Coat the pencil with mod poge with the picture on it then let it dry!

Step 6: Done!!!!!!

YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!! So now go show off tthat cool pencil!!!
<p>wow I like this idea thanks</p>
I know I'll sound stupid... but what's a mod poge?
It's like regular glue I guess,but it dries clear and glossy!
ooooh, that's cool (:
your welcome
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Your welcome!
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thanks man
Your welcome!
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No&nbsp; Just ps2
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Please vote for it thanks!
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looks great!

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