How to Make Crepe Paper Leis





Introduction: How to Make Crepe Paper Leis

Instructions on how to make leis out of crepe paper. Originally posted on my blog

Easy and great for Hawaiian themed parties.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • Crepe paper in rolls (or in folded sheets cut into 2 inch strips)
  • Needle and Thread (I measured about 2 yards, but this depends on how long you want or need your lei to be&whatever you determine double it and thats your thread length)
  • Scissors

Step 2: Start Sewing

First measure your thread and cut it to size. Thread your needle and make the thread doubled so it is stronger than just one strand, and tie a knot at the end.

Start hand sewing through the center of your crepe paper. You want to do about 1/4 inch stitches and pull your thread all the way through to the end as you go.

Step 3: Gather It

Bunch up (like a fan) as you go.

Step 4: Twist and Twirl

Once you have maybe an inch or more in length bunched, stop and twist clockwise, maintaining the tightness somewhat to keep the twirl.

Step 5: Repeat to End

Keep going and repeat until you have reached the desired length of lei (on average it takes me an hour or so to do one).

Step 6:

When you get to the end, sew into the beginning and knot off to connect the lei.

Step 7: Cut Excess Thread

Cut remaining thread and you're done! Enjoy!

Step 8: Finished Lei

Good job. Here is what your finished lei should look like. :)



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Questions & Answers


using to teach middle school students recycling... reusing by utilizing plastic grocery bags.

This is sooo easy the cost of making these would be $1 but they sell them for $3
and now I can make so many, lei's are great for the beach(if your not swimming)!!!

Aloha! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Easy to follow and easy to make :) Good job!

MAHALO (thank you) for the tutorial!! I found this site by chance and used it to make my first fabric lei. I used a yard of fabric (about 45" wide) to make a lei that measures approximately 32" in diameter. Took me a while, but it was worth it!

I tried to make one of these and it took me an hour just to make 10cm worth. I gave up in the end because I didn't have the time to continue. Was I maybe packing it all on too tight?

Probably. If you keep it too tight it takes considerably longer to complete. But this is a project that takes me about 1 hour or more for one like I stated. First time may take a bit longer, but shouldn't take much longer than that.

Cool! Wish I'd seen this a couple of months ago for my friend's 20th - we had a Hawaii theme and it cost us a fortune to buy these things! Nice Instructable! :-)

You can use dental floss for the thread. I've used floss for sewing on my sons buttons for years. If I need it to be a color, I just use a Sharpie closest to what I need.

very pretty and much cheaper than buying them ready made!

I like this, camp as a row of tent pegs, well done.