How to Make Cute Fondant Covered Cupcakes!





Introduction: How to Make Cute Fondant Covered Cupcakes!

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These cupcakes are Perfect for Weddings, Sweet 16's, Birthdays, Showers and can be gifted to someone special! :)

Things you will need:

Rolling pin
Flower cutters
Leaf cutters
Shashlik Stick
Modelling tools
Cupcakes (Of course :) )
Piping Bag
Large round piping tip
Red Color (I used Wilton No-taste Red)
Flower Former Foam
Pizza Cutter
Water for gluing the fondant pieces
Smooth Working Surface
Shortening for greasing your hands
Trays, Flower Former for drying flowers etc

Important Notes:
  1. The fondant that is used EXCLUDING in covering of cupcakes, has been mixed with gumpaste 3:1 (3 part fondant and 1 part gumpaste), you can use Gum-tex or Tylose instead of gumpaste.
  2. After mixing colors in fondant, leave it to rest overnight or for 24 hours.
  3. Use cornflour for dusting your work area and also for dipping your cutters before using them.
  4. Freeze cupcakes for about an hour after icing.
  5. When drying the fondant pieces, keep them on cornflour dusted plates or trays.
  6. When making roses, let the bud dry completely before covering with petals. And then let each ring of petals dry after pasting to bud. Otherwise the rose will fall apart.
  7. Roll fondant 1/16 inch thick for covering the cupcakes and 1/8 inch thick for everything else.
I have done my best to include each and every step. And I hope the photos are quite clear to understand :)



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    Your cupcakes looks amazing! n thanks for the detailed photos. Very helpful indeed to a beginner!

    I am just a beginner in baking and decorating cakes. this article is awesome, and very helpful. i want to know what is this gum paste, and why u used it?

    also in first step u applied something on top of each cupcake ( white)and spread it, what is it? is it same white fondant?

    also where do we keep the colored fondant for resting, in fridge or outside at room temperature? and why is it necessary? cant i use them straight away after mixing?

    1 reply

    I think she just used regular frosting to help stick the fondant on. You don't have to use it, but I would definitely recommend it.?

    can i put the fondant on the cupcakes right away? I mean without frosting or icing, will it stick to the cupcake? I'm a beginner. thanks

    Nice photo instructable! You clearly put time into taking and arranging all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    2 replies

    Yup! It took me about 4 hours just to arrange everything on cupcakes and taking so many photos was the reason behind it. But in the end it was worth it! Don't forget to vote for me! :)

    hello...I don't have to put the cupcakes or anything in the refrigerator right? I am told fondant is not to be refrigerated. Just keep the finished cupcakes etc outside? Kindly advise. Thanks much

    Masha Allah good keep it up, no updates about more cooking n baking at ur top stove oven, plz do share ur more baking recipe in dat i love to u knw more thx.

    This is amazing. Thanks for showing me how to make "cute" cupcakes!!

    Thanks! I really enjoyed making these pretty little things! :)

    These cupcakes are beautiful! Thanks for including so many pictures!

    1 reply