Picture of DIY Synthetic Dreads: Candy Cane/Swirled
Hello again!
This goes along with my other two instructables... the exact same basic method, but this is just a way to make a different design. The swirled/candy cane dreads spiral two different colors all the way down like you see below. They're sealed the exact same way so be sure to see my other two tutorials before this for the basic steps!

Making: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Synthetic-Dreads-Making-Solid-Single-Ended-Dr/
Sealing: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Synthetic-Dreads-Sealing-Method-1/
*That is sealing method 1, check in soon and I will have an alternative method posted as well*

(These are single ended by the way, same as my other tutorials, but you can make these double ended as well.)
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Step 1: You Need...

Picture of You Need...
Not too much for these ones. Basically the same materials that you use for the making the basic solid dreads in my first tutorial

(Link to that page: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Synthetic-Dreads-Making-Solid-Single-Ended-Dr/ )

Besides that, there is really only one difference. Two colors instead of one. I will be using red and black.

All you need is:
- Two different colored synthetic hairs (I only use Kanekalon hair in my tutorials)
- Scissors
- Dread comb/regular strong comb
- A hanger

Step 2: Setting Up

Picture of Setting Up
Now the fun starts. You are going to use the exact same basic steps as you did in my first tutorial. (link to that in step 1 if you need to reference back.)
I will be making a medium length candy cane dread, which is 1/2 length. (See picture 1 for length comparisons)

First things first. Take your two equal sections of hair and put them together, like you see in pic 2. Line the bottoms of the sections up with each other best you can so that they come out even in the end. They don't have to be perfect, just lay them side by side.

Then you want to hook your dread around a hanger or whatever you have, like in tutorial 1, and make your top loop. (Pic 3) As you remember, that is where you will be attaching the dread to your head with your hair.

Where do you buy your synthetic hair from?
www.ikickshins.net is good. Cheap, and many colors to choose from.