How to Make Dbrand/ Slickwraps Skin for Your Phone at Home in Under 1$


Introduction: How to Make Dbrand/ Slickwraps Skin for Your Phone at Home in Under 1$

Today i want to share one simple way to make your phone back cover better than ever. you guys might already know Dbrand or Slickwraps skin and cover makers but they don't have support for non-popular phone. you dont need to spend lots of money on this,

you just need to buy Carbon fiber sheet form ebay or anywhere else!!! just watch video and make your phone back more premium in just under 1$ !!!!

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Step 1: Watch This Easy Video and Follow the Step!!! :D

Step 2: If Any Question or Problem You Can Directly Ask Me Under My Youtube Video!!!

thank you



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    from where do i get the carbon fibre paper?

    Do carbon fiber sheets come in other color besides black? Like white sheet to print a pattern on.

    Very cool man, although I will not do this to my phone, I will definitely make this wrap for some of my other electronics. Thanks! Nicely done.

    1 reply

    thank you for you comment :D

    May be a good option for cheap smartphone, but using it for 500+$ ones is not worth it…

    1 reply

    of course if any person have 500+$ phone then i dont think so that person have any issue with money so he can get dbrand or slickwraps :D

    Thank you for your reply!!!