This instructable takes you step-by-step and shows you how to make a decorative barrette. This crafting process takes approximately 20-30 minutes to create one decorative hair barrette. One does not need any crafting experience if instructions are followed closely.

Note : This project does involve the use of a hot glue gun.

Hair Barrettes are a fun and easy way to dress up hair. Hand crafted barrettes are an affordable personal gift for many occasions. Though barrettes take time, they are a long-lasting easy craft to make when done correctly.

Step 1: Materials

Materials: totaling $20-25 (after buying the materials for the first barrette the cost of making the proceeding barrettes decreases significantly)

• Feathers- $3 bag of features (use only a few feathers) there are more expensive feathers that are more durable and attractive.
• Fake Flowers- $3 strands of fake flowers that can be plucked off their plastic vines.
• Beads- $3-6, depending on how many you use for one barrette.
• Bottlecaps- Free if found.
• Barrette- $3 for about 20, 2 inch barrettes.
• Glue Sticks- $2 for about 20 (you will use about half a stick per barrette)
• Hot Glue Gun- $5 for a small glue gun.
• Scissors- $3 for basic scissors
• Hard Felt- approx. $.30 for a 16x24

Note : There are no particular brands of products that need to be used. It should be noted that some hot glue guns require a particular size of glue sticks and should be bought accordingly.
Hey. Girl. Very nice.
Really nice and great instructions. I needed this, badly, for my shop, to make beaded fancy barrettes! Thanks much!
Lovely work. This would be a great entry for the DIY Wedding Challenge too!

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