Title pretty much says it all. Basic instructable to help make funnies. First Instructable i've ever made (woo). Hope you enjoy.

If you dont know what a deomtivational poster is, its like a motivational poster (the kitten hanging on a branch and it says 'hang in there') but opposite. i'm not really a good explanationer, but just google or wiki it, they should have good explanations.

These posters consist of a headline a caption below the headline and a picture above the headline. If you surf the net pretty much anywhere, there are demotivational posters. For Example


they will win

Step 1: Getting Started

What you'll need
- Paint
- A sense of humour
- And if you find this without the use of a computer, you'll need a computer.
- you'll need to find a picture and make a funny for it, or vice versa.
<p>I use this <a href="http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/proposter/en/" rel="nofollow">program</a> for create demotivational poster faster and easier</p>
<p>Thanksfull for sharing, john, created a lot of:)<br>find out more here http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/poster-forge/tutorials/</p>
&nbsp;Hehe. Not the best, but it is my first&nbsp;
Just a tip.<br /> Use a shorter headline, has a better effect.<br /> i suggest FIGHTS<br /> With caps, bold and underline.<br /> <br /> Just a suggestion..
Thanks. im actually suprised someone commented. =| :-) )&gt;' ' ' | -----|B<br/>
I love Demoitvation posters, I just never thought about using MS Paint to do it in. Nice work.

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