Introduction: How to Make Dice Cups

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In order to play Liar Dice, you need some sort of cup for each player to roll his or her dice and obscure the results from everyone else. Dice cups can be quite expensive and likely don't look too great for the price.

Here's how I made my cups.

Step 1: Materials

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Cups -- $1/ea
Cork Coasters -- 89cents/ea
Place mat -- $3.00

My cups cost a little more than ~$2.00 each.

Dice cups not only should obscure your roll, but should also muffle the sound so you don't sound like you're pan handling for change. Loud dice cups are the last thing you want ;)

Step 2: Remove Handles -- Cut Cork

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If applicable, cut off your cup's handles and remove any labels. Then, cut a disk of cork out of the coasters to fit into the bottom of your cup. Glue down if necessary.

Step 3: Cut and Glue Placemat

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Now this is NOT a good time for a bacon mat, however - that idea is intriguing.

Measure the height of your cup, and cut a suitable strip from your place mat.

Now, glue your strip to the side of your cup.


irish_texan (author)2013-08-22

How do you cut the handles off coffee mugs?

SpiroExDeus (author)2009-08-18

You could glue black felt to the inside of the walls as well. It'd look cool and if you want to use this as a dice shaking cup it would be even more silent :D

sk8er4life111 (author)2007-10-17

can these be used as dice stacking cups?

sk8er4life111 (author)2007-10-17

Same dice as me :)

Stercus Fit (author)2007-06-22

Roam around for the placement a little more and you can find it for 50 cents at the dollar store. Well, specific dollar stores. ;)

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