Step 2: Making the wire-tree skeleton

Take your broom stick and drill a hole at the top if you choose to.  Start wrapping the wire by inserting the end into the hole you just drilled into the broom stick.  Wrap the wire tightly and uniformly around the stick until you reach the desired length of your tree trunk.  Snip the wire at the wire spool.  You can remove the trunk from the stick, one of two ways.  Either by removing the end you put into the hole at the top then sliding it off or cutting it at the top then sliding it off.

Now to shape the branches.  Take a pencil and the thin wire and use the same strategy, but instead of drilling a hole in the pencil, hold the wire with your hand.  Leave a length of wire at the front and the end of the branch.

To form the tree skeleton you must twist the ends of the branches around the loops of the trunk.  After you have the number of your desired branches attached to the trunk start forming the other end of the branches.  Take the end of that wire and make two hills and a valley shape in the middle and slightly bend these upwards at the top of the shapes.  This is so you can hang little spiders or bat decorations off your tree after it is completed.
A simple idea well-executed. I foresee a trend of spooky tree tableau's becoming a more essential halloween staple for a while. I'm inspired to work on one of my own to complement and inspire (read: intimidate) my living bonsai for the season!
Also I didn't notice any clear, head-on photos of your creation; they're all from above! Have you taken any atmospheric photos of your tree?
I was sure I had some on the camera I used and before I could get the rest off, since it was my mother's camera they had all been deleted by my brother. He scolded me for "taking more than one picture of the same thing" by deleting all of them. He does not understand the concept or the fact that all pictures cameras take are not by any means flawless or take in the account of the impact different angles can make. I also no longer have this tree, it was give to a friend of my that had a stroke and my boyfriend and I would go visit her and bring her gifts and show her my progression in my projects. Well, I brought the tree to show her, and my heart was aching so bad that day because I forgot a present that I asked if she wanted the tree; she was so happy and that eased my sadness. Although, funny thing is, it is just down the street from where I live at her sisters house, since the place she had to do rehabilitation isn't exactly spacious. I can't exactly go to her sister's house and ask "Oh yeah that tree I made... can I take pictures of it?" I do not think her nephew would expect anything less of me though ahhaa! Yeah I think about that so much though, and almost agonize over the fact that I didn't get pictures of all the different angles I wanted. I apologize for that, though I am thinking of different tree themes and as soon as I get a space to work with them and my medical condition settles down more so; I'm back in the act then, and I hope very soon.
Wonderful, I'll try it.
I hope to see your project soon!
Nice, I love the mushrooms if you have it backlit like<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/backlit-tree/"> this.</a> It would look really scary at night.<br>
Awesome! nice work.

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