Step 8: Push Down Tab and Turn type prescription bottles

Picture of Push Down Tab and Turn type prescription bottles
Occasionally, things like this, just slip under our radar and we don't realize we can do this.

This type of cap is designed to work either with or without the lock. Just flip it over. The top of the cap screws into the inside of the bottle. That's it, no lock.

They also have the advantage of being re-lockable. If you do have some kiddo's coming for a visit. Just remember to flip them back over. You could even pull the thumbtacks out of the other bottles. There isn't any way to restore the clipped tabs. Just be sure to lock up the mouthwash, or you could find yourself dealing with a drunk, minty fresh toddler.

Total cost: Nothing
Total time: None

If it wasn't designed to flip over, you could clip the locking tab off with fingernail clippers. I just tried it and it was simple and quick. I haven't seen a bottle that doesn't have a flip cap in a long time.

I usually only have to do this stuff on over the counter purchases. I've asked my Pharmacy to mark my file - No Childproof caps. Sometimes they forget, but usually they will put on a cap that doesn't have any locking mechanisms, or they will use this type of bottle.

Once you've modified a cap, if it is still clean and in good condition, when you get a new bottle of the same stuff. Just throw out the new cap and keep your modified one.

Well that's it. I know it's not high tech, or using any fun tools, but it might help out some folks.
I tried this one, but i kept knocking the bottle over and spilt the contents-your help in this matter is really appreciated-I have arthritis and I struggle with med caps
ellomate568 years ago
Drunk toddler, hahaha... you'r funny