Picture of How to make FOAM!!!
Learn how to make foam with simple bathroom products. you can use this as anything from decoration to a distraction in airsoft (aim for eyes) the foam changes back to water in about an hour so clean up is easy.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
you will need:

a shampoo bottle
a cap for it
'squeaky pink' soap (works the best)

(if you find some other soap that work please post in the comments)

Step 2: Fill!!!

Picture of fill!!!
fill the bottle with water to about half way.

Step 3: Add the soap

Picture of add the soap
add about 4 squarts of soap into the bottle and screw the cap on.

Step 4: Shake it!!!

Picture of Shake it!!!
with the cap on and shut, shake the bottle for about 2-5 seconds. now open the bottle and squart it WITH THE BOTTLE RIGHT SIDE UP!
snoyes6 years ago
Your airsoft strategy includes throwing soap in the other players' eyes?
2743 snoyes4 years ago
now that is a pain strategy. and might cause blindness!! LOL
crash770 (author)  snoyes6 years ago
my sister likes to wear safety glasses that the foam sticks to, and she freaks out when she can't see :)
That's a legit strategy.
Yellow846 years ago
I think the bottle you put it in will be more effective in airsoft, if your close enough to throw soap why not just shoot them before? Other soaps that might work are: -Palmolive -Dove -Softsoap and any other soap you use that comes in a pump.