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In all the years I've sold crafts throughout the U.S., these adorable Fabric Country Pumpkins are my biggest selling fall craft. Nobody buys just one.  They are just too cute!!!  They really give a room a nice autumn feeling.

For this project you will need: different autumn fabrics, raffia, sticks from trees, buttons, scraps of fabric, fake leaves, stuffing, jute rope, beans, rice, or sand, hot glue gun, and basic sewing needs.


Step 1:

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These fabric pumpkins can be done in any size.  Just play around with a pattern to get the sizes you want.

We are going to make a small one. First you will need to make your pattern for the pumpkin. You will be using an 8 1/2" X 11 1/2" size piece of computer paper. Write on it "Country Pumpkin", "Cut One".  There... you have your first country pumpkin pattern.  Now pin the pattern piece to one layer of fall fabric. Cut it out.