Have you ever tried to make fudge and it came out gloopy? Well now you can make Fudge Crumble with it. 

Step 1: Ingrediants

Gloopy Fudge*        -200g 
Shortbread               -8 sticks
Butter                        -50g
Instant Cookie mix
tbsp of water


2  bowls
1  spoon
1  rolling pin 
1  oven tray

(* to make gloopy fudge stop cooking it when it is gloopy-ish :P)

Note: This instructable does not tell you how to make fudge


I'm lost. Just lost. Wandering around in instructable heaven... I never even dreamed of an Instructable contest for candy. I don't want to wake up now.
wow :)
So, does this have cookie on the bottom (cookie mix + butter + water), fudge in the middle and crumbled shortbread on top? Delicious :)<br> <br> If you put chocolate on top it might be a bit like millionaire's shortbread... even more delicious!
yes it is cookie, fudge and crumbled shortbread on top :) thanks for the nice comment

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