How to Make Fish Nail Art Design


Introduction: How to Make Fish Nail Art Design

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Fish Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! An artistic way of expressing a fish in an aquarium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nails .............................yes I am going to do it on nails and sharing this tutorial with you to show you how. Simply keep watching.


Step 1: Apply Base Color.

For the water look apply aqua base colour on all your nails. Let this dry.

Step 2: Draw Fish on 2 Nails..

Now to draw the fish we will be working on two nails, index finger and the middle finger.
Now draw the shape of fish with orange colour on two nails as shown. The tail and half body on one nail and then the remaining portion on next nail.

Step 3: Now Add Details to Fish.

Now before this dries up apply transparent sequence on the fish. also add a black one to mark the eye of the fish.

Step 4: Draw Fins.

Draw the fins with orange colour with the help of brush.

Step 5: Draw Plants & Bubbles to Give Natural Look.

To add that aquarium look we will add bubbles and some plants. For this, take green and white colour to make bubbles and the plants and add the detailing as shown.

Step 6: Finalize by Applying Shimmer

On last two nails apply shimmer coat diagonally on half of the nail and add transparent sequince for that final and finished look.



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