How to Make Flat Peep Toe Women Shoes- Part 2





Introduction: How to Make Flat Peep Toe Women Shoes- Part 2

About: I am a footwear designer and I own a blog where I teach people how to make shoes. It is very expensive thing to learn and not everyone can effort this, so that is my way to help. I am publishing on Instructa...

Making this Flat Women Peep Toe Shoes tutorial, I simplified the creation of shoes, suited to anyone, without any proper education, and without special equipment to be able to make a pair of shoes or at least until you will learn how to use those tools. Pay attention to the creation of the sole. I'm doing them as if it were made for you at the sole factory, using only manual drill, which can be purchased at any electronics store.
I simplified my  tutorials so that everyone can make any pair of shoes.

You can find more information about making shoes and me at :



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    Very elegant in all senses - the shoes, your skills and the video itself. It is a privilege to see such finesse.

    Thank you

    1 reply

    This is amazing where did you learn to do this?

    Thank you, much appreciated .

    This is fantastic. It isn't a hack, this is the real deal. You should enter these in the fashion contest!