This instructable is all about how to create sandals for a fursuit. (Google it if you are confused, but chances are, if you're looking at this article, you're already aware of what they are, as you probably own one yourself!)

The process is easy, but it takes a good bit of time and a rudimentary knowledge of sewing. (You should know how to use a needle and thread.) And for method 2 you will need to know how to use a rivet gun, which is easy, and I learned how to do it myself. If you're really confused, ask an employee at the store you buy it from. Someone should know how to use it! (Rivet idea is adapted from this tutorial made by Luphinus and Diadexxus: http://dia.critter.net/tutorials/sandals/ . I recommend looking to that as another option as it is of a different design and is also time proven to work!)

Fursuit sandals will protect your suit's feet paws from damage and dirt on the ground, as they will take the beating and not your paws! They're pretty inexpensive to make yourself (about $30-40 for the main materials, a little more if you have no sewing supplies around at all, though generally you can find cheap needles and thread at the fabric store.)

For building the sandals you will need:

-Needle and thread

-Anti-Fatigue Flooring (you can get these at your local hardware store. I found mine in a really random place in flooring at Home Depot. Most places should have these.)

-Nylon Straps (one inch wide is good. I used about 120 inches of it, though I messed up, and ended up wasting another full 60 inch length of it. You can find this at a local fabric store.)

-4 parachute buckles (I found these right near the Nylon straps at the fabric store.)

-A lighter or some matches (some way to produce a small flame)

And additionally for method 2:
-Rivets (heavy duty are recommended. I used 3/16" / .5mm rivets)
-A rivet gun designed for the type of rivet you are using!
-washers that will fit the rivet snugly. (Ask for help at the hardware store if you are unsure. Again, the employees should easily be able to help you out! :D )

optional, but recommended:
-hot glue gun.

[be it noted that you should have fursuit feet-paws already made, this is just a tutorial for the sandals.]

See pictures here for your supplies

Step 1: Method 1

This is the first method. It is going to be a bit cheaper, and a bit easier. (also, you need to do some of the sewing from this method for method 2).
The downside is that the nylon is exposed on the bottom of the sandal, and there is potential for the mats to rip over time after wear. This is for people who want something that is slightly easier, and cheaper. I would not really recommend this step unless you're in a pinch, however, it is one way of doing things.

Steps for method 2 will be noted as such throughout this first method.
<p>sorry if this is too off topic but... I don't really fursuite I just kinda cosplay my fursona. I have a pair of novelty fuzzy claw slippers I got online and I was wondering if just gluing the floor mat stuff onto the bottom of them so I could were the out like shoes would work. what clue would be best for this? I was thinking contact cement. </p>
I was wondering, could you make a tutorial on quadsuit feet paws? I'm having a little trouble and I can't continue until I can make the hind paws....
lovin it babe! this is just like my way of doing it!
would have never thought of it
good idea
here i was thinking i was the only furry on this site <br/><br/>just a little tip if you want to make a fur suit head go to this link:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgkWDBgITaU&amp;feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgkWDBgITaU&amp;feature=related</a><br/><br/>and because we all like to laugh:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJCDailWYMI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJCDailWYMI</a><br/><br/>
Nicely done! You might want to choose your sandal strap color to blend better with your fur, though.
Actually, the black was a conscious choice. I wanted it to match the color scheme, but I didn't want it to really blend in. I have issues when stuff is lacking in contrast usually, but I suppose that all comes down to personal preference. Good point to bring up though!
mine are pink.
-_- I respect your lifestyle....
XD, good enough for me.
don't let any other anons know I was here
haha. ok
nice instructable <sup> </sup><br/><br/>this will come in handy<br/>
nice instructible...now only if I had a fursuit...<_<...maybe I"ll make one sometime...
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Different and very well written, lots of photos good job interesting project!
Hey! Glad ya like <sup></sup>. Thank you!<br/>

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