First you need:

White Glue
2 paper cups
Popsicle sticks

If anyone had already done this then I did not copy you we actually just made this in science.

Step 1: Glue and Water

Pour the glue into one of the cups and add an equal amount of warm water. Add the water slowly, stirring it until it has a smooth consistency.

Step 2: Adding the Borax

Start to add the borax solution to the glue solution. Stir the glue solution with your popsicle sticks and add the borax a little at a time. Stir the mixture well and observe how thick it's become. Add a little more borax if you want it to be thicker, and continue until you get the goo the way you want it.
 Your GAK should look something like this below.

Step 3: Play With Your GOO

You can add food coloring and depending on how you made it, it could come out like the pictures below.
Thank you--great project for young children.
Your welcome!
This can be used as a natural pesticide. <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
Ah, from the title I thought you were making GOOP brand hand cleaner or GOOP brand adhesive.

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