In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Google Cardboard out of just a piece of cardboard. With this you can play virtual reality or 3d games, take a virtual tour, and much more. For this to work, you will just need an Android phone, cardboards and a pair of lenses.

Note that if you have any doubts please ask me on comment.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Here's what you need to get started:

1. CARDBOARD :- Corrugated cardboard sheet, preferably E Flute (corrugated cardboard comes in a variety of thicknesses called "flutes"), available at many art supply stores and online . For best results, you should look for strong, thin cardboard (sturdy shoe box rather than moving box). Minimum size: 8.75in (22cm) by 22in (56cm), and 0.06in (1.5mm) thickness.

2. LENSES :- This is the trickiest component. Lenses that have a 45mm focal distance might work. Biconvex lenses work best because they prevent distortion around the edges. We used the Durovis OpenDive Lens Kit available on Amazon.com

3. MAGNETS :- One neodymium ring magnet and one ceramic disk magnet - like this or this. Approximate size: 0.75in (19mm) diameter and 0.12in (3mm) thickness.

4. VELCRO :- Two strips of regular strength adhesive-backed velcro. Approximate size: 0.75in (20mm) by 1.25in (30mm).

5. RUBBER BAND :- One rubber band, to prevent the phone from sliding out. Minimum length of 3.2in (8cm).

6. NFC TAG (OPTIONAL) :- One sticker NFC tag. Program it with the URL cardboard://v1.0.0

7. You'll also need a ruler, glue, and scissors, an X-acto knife, or access to a laser cutter.(not included in the picture above)
<p>Great Instrctable, well done!</p>
<p>I think it would be possible to use corrugated plastic, available at Lowes, to build these glasses. If so they would support a larger tablet, such as my Samsung 8.4, My only question is would the larger screen require a special lens? I don't think so because the image on the app does not cover the entire tablet screen. If anyone has any thoughts on this please post. Thanks.</p>
Try visiting g.co/cardboard.<br><br>But will a tab work?
<p>Thats awesome dude!</p>
sorry for the download link for the cutouts not available for you. i have updated my instructable with a new link. check that out.
<p>hey if you have a pair of binoculars you could tear them open and remove their lenses! :D thats what i did xD</p>
<p>i dont think</p>
<p>Do you need the lens?</p>
<p>Hi. Looking to do this as a team builder. Does anywhere know where I could buy all of the materials? I am looking for the cardboard already cut due to time restraints and not allowed to use X-acto knife. The kits I see online are already built. Thanks!</p>
Woah! More than 270000 views!! I can't believe my eyes!!!
<p>why are the magnets needed</p>
<p>if anyone can send me the the printable cardboard instructions pls</p>
<p>does anyone make a set of vr goggles to fit samsung galaxy tab2 7.0 tablet?</p>
Within a year and a half, my instructable rose rapidly to almost 170000+ views.
<p>were do you get the magnents</p>
But I haven't used any! lol ;)
Get the magnets from an online retail store.
<p>someone please send me the PDF file, it wouldn't open here :)</p><p>this is my email: aja107@Georgetown.edu</p>
which pdf file do you want? please specify.
I want the one that I should print and apply on the Pizza box to make the cardboard. And I want to print it on A4 paper if possible
Ya of course that's meant to be built from any cardboard.
Mi puoi dirw il sito per il dowload della fotocopia da applicare sul cartone ? Perfavore ? I 'm italian
<p>Cant find design files anywhere.can u please upload or send?</p>
<em>do you need the lense?</em>
Those are the important one
<p>does velcro are needed?</p>
Qualcuno mi pu&oacute; dire il sito per il dowload della fotocoppia da applicare sul cartone , perfavore ?
<p>I made one but had to do some modifying in order for it to work for my iPhone</p>
100 times more perfect as compared to mine.
I don't know if there's any VR app for iOS that supports cardboard.
<p>They didn't have that many for a while but recently put the Google Cardboard app on the app store. A few other interesting ones were also put up recently, I list a few of my favorites here </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Google-Cardboard-for-iphone/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Google-Ca...</a></p>
You can visit the official Cardboard site to learn more about design and metrics. You'll find a lot of information regarding custom Cardboard models.
How to open a .zip file on an android please tell me
To open a .zip file on Android, download WinRAR from the Play Store.
<p>how can i print the template? i could not find the one im supposed to print.</p><p>i used this template: https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/downloads/wwgc_manufacturers_kit.zip</p>
It's nearly 94,000+ views. Hope it will rise sooner to 100,000+ views. Thanks everyone! Have a good day!
<p>Hi - the URL for the template just sends me to the Google cardboard site (to purchase). Is the URL you provided no longer available? </p>
Simply Google it!
<p>While making it I enjoyed very much and had a lot of fun. It is a very cool ptoject which can be made from just a piece of cardboard.</p>

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