How to Make Great Bread





Introduction: How to Make Great Bread

I make this bread every 2-3 weeks, and I freeze it after it cools. Every time I take a loaf out of the freezer and thaw it (at room temperature) it tastes just like the day I made it. It always turns out great, spongy with good crust as long as you make sure you start the yeast at the right temperature (108-115 F).

I do not give exact quantities, other than 1/3 to 1/2 bread flour, because the rest can be any other flour or mix of flours you choose.

But you need that much hard wheat (durum) flour, because it contains enough gluten to make the bread rise. Rye, oats and barley contain no gluten (yeast will not make them rise)  and whole wheat and other grains are low too, so you HAVE to have enough white flour to carry upwards the rest of the grains and seeds you use.

Enjoy the video, and make some. It is great bread!



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    What does "404-Not Found" mean? I don't see video!!!!

    the best bread making video.....I make bread and you have given me so many insights thank you

    Great video! THank you for the tips!

    I've baked bread for myself every few weeks for the last year.
    I had never thought of cutting it before hand.
    Good video/

    I saw a baker doing that many years ago. He cut the dough like that for a cinnamon bread, and then when baked, it was a sort of pull-apart cinnamon rolls...