Picture of How to make Greaves (Leg Armor) out of Cardboard
I've enjoyed armor and making my own out of cardboard for awhile, but haven't ever gotten around to making an Instructable for anything, and I thought that entering the Make-to-Learn Youth Contest would be a good way to start. I'm planning to enter this in several contests, so be sure to vote if you found this helpful.

What did you make?
I made a pair a cardboard greaves, to replace my old greaves and to match a helmet I’m working on. They don’t work well as real armor, but are great for a cosplay or a Halloween costume.
How did you make it?
I got the idea to make greaves when I discovered that my duct tape greaves were too small. I made it by myself, but my family told me what they liked and what they thought I needed to change or add.
Where did you make it?
I worked on my project in my room, and while I was working on it, my normally clean room got very messy.
What did you learn?
I learned how to cut and bend cardboard to make it do what I wanted it to do. I learned that when cereal box cardboard is spray painted, the printed side is shinier than the non printed side. I also learned not to let my siblings take pictures for me. One of the things I had the hardest time figuring out was how to keep the greaves  from falling off. I tried a few things before my mom suggested I use a bicycle inner tube. I am quite proud of how the sides wrap around my legs because it keeps them from sliding down too much. If I made these greaves again, I would make the straps tighter, and maybe figure out how to make them adjustable.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

2 cereal boxes
1 can of silver spray paint
Leather lacing
24-30 small grommets (silver)
Hot glue gun
X-acto knife
Cutting mat
Grommet Setter

solo73192 years ago
Good job; they have a professional appearance. You should create more instructables detailing other armour pieces! I'm organizing a box-war event
(www.boxwars.org) and I'm planning to link to this instructable so people can better make armour.

The same technique would work with forearm armour as well, and maybe thigh. I'd love to see an instructable about your helmet as well.
Again, great armour, great instructable, hope to see more from you soon.
StandingOnStones (author)  solo73191 year ago
I'm a bit late, here's a link to my helmet.
StandingOnStones (author) 2 years ago
Thank you. I looked at your website, and I think I have some friends that would like to try sometime. As for using this technique on other armor, I have started to think about some forearm armor. I am planning to post pictures of my helmet when I finish it.
That is officially REALLY COOL!!!! Haymitch approves. Me gusta.
Oh. It's you again. Lol hello
StandingOnStones (author)  Boom!H3adshot2 years ago
StandingOnStones (author) 2 years ago
caarntedd2 years ago
Nice job. Nice instructable.