Introduction: How to Make HF High Frequency Blade

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this is HF high frequency blade was taken from metal gear rising revengeance it is wooden model of it you can use and king of wood you want i used hard type of wood but this also take much time on sanding and cutting you can use simple wood

Step 1: Get Started

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First thing is to bring  wooden board and mark or glue the blueprint of the sword on it and then cut it by using table saw or any kind of saw that could cut this shape then sharp edges by using carving tool then start sanding ,sanding well is needed for better painting  your blade must look like that

Step 2: Other Parts

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now you must mark the the other small part and then cut them ,don't forget sanding well 

now paint those parts by black you can also but small layer of transparent spray to give it smooth look

now glue the handle part carefully

Step 3: Other Parts 2

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now drill small holes not deep to look like the real one

Step 4: Finishing

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now paint the blade by silver spray and 1 transparent spray after that glue the other small parts over it


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