How to Make Head Nod in Dogs!





Introduction: How to Make Head Nod in Dogs!

This dog’s head will wiggle on its body. Like snoopy,

it is very cute!

Step 1: ​White Side Up

White side up, fold in half diagonally and unfold.

Step 2: Fold Top Point Down

Fold top point down to the bottom point.

Step 3: Fold Bottom Point of Top

Fold bottom point of top layer up to the center folded


Step 4: Fold Both Points Down to the Bottom Point

Fold both points down to the bottom point.

Step 5: Open Each Side

Open each side and squash fold evenly.

Step 6: Fold Up a Small Triangle

Fold up a small triangle at bottom point.

Step 7: Mountain Fold Back

Mountain fold back in half along center crease.

Inside-reverse fold top corner as shown.

Step 8: White Side Up

White side up, fold left side in a bit.

Step 9: ​Fold Bottom Edge Up

Fold bottom edge up to match width of previous step.

Step 10: Matching Folded Edges

Matching folded edges, fold small corner down to make

a triangle.

Step 11: Pinch and Pull Out

Pinch and pull out corner of paper to the left.

Step 12: Mountain Fold Bottom

Mountain fold bottom corner diagonally to the back.

Step 13: Fold Model

Fold model in half diagonally.

Step 14: Draw in Eyes

Draw in eyes.

Gently place dog’s Head on point of Body

Step 15: Model Complete!!

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Questions & Answers


It's great!! Thank you!! :)

So you show how to make a head nod dog in a video and the only thing you don't show is a nodding dog?!

Thank you for comment! You are right! I forgot to take a video that scene.

I like origami, thanks for instruction :)

I like origami too!! It is very fun! Thanks!! ;)