How to Make Homemade Fishing Flies


Introduction: How to Make Homemade Fishing Flies

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This is my second time tying flies, they are mainly for topwater use until i get beads to put on the head of the hook.

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    Never tied a fly before, son asked at week end if we can try to create some flies of our own, any suggestions for a first timer to get it right? or at least close!

    I kept having trouble with the thread getting tangled so I just used it to feed the thread through.

    i tie real flies and they work just as good as yours

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    I used to use cotton thread for everything, still do for some parts. I use mainly dental floss now, not mint or anything just plain. The wax helps grip hairs and because it's a manmade thread, I can use a soldering iron to singe/ melt the end, not having to knot the end ;)

    I taught fly fishing at boy scout camp and had to make my own equipment. You have some interesting improv tools. Cool!

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