How to Make Hot Ice!!! Crazy





Introduction: How to Make Hot Ice!!! Crazy

crazy experiment turning a liquid to a solid with just a touch.. amazing
Costs $8 for 500 grams of sodium accitate.



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    if you wait for it to cool compleatly you can reboil the sodium acetate crystals and they will turn back to a clear watter like substance. then if you want you can make the reaction and hardning happen over and over again. if you get really board seal some of the liquid in a baggy with a peice of dull tin and you can make your self hand warmers that you can use over and over agian, just boil to recharge :)

    pls. reply asap...........

    those this "hot ice" melt easily? because i'm bringing to school on monday for our chemistry project......just asking

    pls. reply.........

    This is sweet! I have so got to try this. "Hey, Mom, look what I made!!! " LOL (:

    is it just me, or does the tallest figure in the sculpture look like Marge Simpson with shorter hair?

    no, they all look like people especially the tallest...

    hey! i just realized that this is the stuff we learned about in science class the other day! now i know what u mean by "its in hand warmers". i was thinking of the wrong kind of hand warmers.

    what if instead of just touching it, u put your finger all the way inside the try and kept it there. would it get stuck? and inside of lots of handwarmers is that black powder. is that it?