The reason I chose Indian Fry Bread is because some people may have never even heard of it, and would most likely like to try it.  Indian Fry Bread is a unique type of food that taste really good. If your looking for a sweet easy snack this will be right for you.
The ingredients you will need are:
3cups flour
 1tbs baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1cup warm water
cinnimon(as much as needed)
sugar(as much as needed)
 3 capfulls oil(any brand/type)
 A fairly large frying pan

Step 1: Step One

First thing u need to do is combine all of the dry ingredients(flour,baking power,and salt).
<p>Looks yummy! I might like to try this.</p><p>Do you mean three cups of oil? How much oil goes into the pan?</p>
this sounds very tasty :)

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