How to Make Japanese 6-1 Maille Armor





Introduction: How to Make Japanese 6-1 Maille Armor

Much like Japanese 4-1, 6-1 is a simple weave but provides greater strength and protection than Japanese 4-1. The method is slightly different because Japanese 6-1 does not form square-shaped patterns.

Step 1: Row 1

When making a Japanese weave, two different ring sizes are used; the larger rings are connected together by the smaller rings. To start Japanese 6-1, Take as many of the large rings as you want and connect them to each other in a long strip with the smaller rings. The pattern should be: one large ring, one small ring, one large ring, one small ring, etc. See picture below for clarity on this step.

Step 2: Row 2 (Part 1)

Now create a similar row that has one less ring than the first row. Place this row underneath the first row, but instead of placing it directly under the rings from the first row, move it a little to the left/ring until the rings are offset. See picture for clarity.

Step 3: Row 2 (Part 2)

In order connect the two rows, the second row will connect to two of the rings from the upper row. The ring from the bottom row is connected to the ring up and to the left and to the ring up and to the right. See picture for clarity.

Step 4: Row Three

There should be as many large rings in row three as there were in row 1. Row three should be placed under row 2 in the same way that row 2 is placed under row 1. Connect rows 3 and 2 in the same way you connected rows 2 and 1. See picture for clarity.

Step 5: Rinse, Repeat

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are finished with your piece of Japanese 6-1 maille.

Step 6: Japanese 6-1 Variations

By doubling the rings you can create two of the most common 6-1 Variations: 12-2 and 6-2. The first picture is an example of 12-2 Japanese and the second is an example of 6-2 Japanese. Hope you enjoyed the last of the Japanese Weaves!



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    where to buy these ring?

    this looks way fun to there somewhere to find templates for shirts, heads, and whatnot?

    You Cant get a template for a head. The only one is on your body. (hopefully.)

    Historically, the japanese weaves were used to connect plates of armor so making a shirt or helm would be challenging with all of the contractions and expansions you would need. I would suggest using a European weave as there are already plenty of designs and tutorials for making shirts and helms. Dig around this site for a while.

    Not that I know of, but i'm sure I could come up with a concept. A shirt wouldn't be too difficult but the design for a head piece would definitely take longer. When making a shirt, thing of making two upper-case "T" shaped pieces, one to cover the front of your body and the other to cover the back. However, covering under your armpits and along the sleeves is hard to understand. I'll try to post a drawing of my concept so that it is easier to understand.

    How much does it matter if the rings are the same size or not?

    looks cool, but sounds like it'll take a while...

    hmmm 4 yr old posting. i wonder if the poster still has working email?

    haha love your comment...