Picture of How to make Juliet Starling's Lollipop Chainsaw
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A film maker friend of mine commissioned me to make the lollipop chainsaw from the new game.

so this is how i went about creating the prop from the game.

This is but one way to make this prop. im not an expert so there are probably better ways to make parts of this, this is just a guide to make it how i made it.

The second photo is one i found on the internet that i used to make my chainsaw . it is from here:

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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of materials and tools
Materials :

Blue foam.
Acrylic plastic. or 9mm wood or something like that.
spray paint.
car body filler. P38 polyester filler is what i used, but there are many affective fillers.
glues of many types, two part epoxy resin, wood glue, super glue.
masking tape, lots of tape. double sided tape. electrical tape.
nuts and bolts. dome nuts (m5) m5 threaded rod.
random bolts and screws and washers for detailing.
thin card or thin styrene

main part materials are the back handle and top grip. i got mine from eBay
Bike chain.

files and sand paper.
cutting tools, lots of snap off craft knives and scalpels
jnr hacksaw, large hacksaw blade. saw of some description.
A rotary tool is always useful

workshop tools like clamps and a Vice and work benches will always be useful to hold work while working

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of step 1
gather the first set of materials for this step.

the handle and the blue foam.

i googled Lollipop chainsaw and set the image size to large and i came up with a lot of shots and took them and i drew some good plans from it and then tested the main body onto my handle as mine wasn't exactly the same as the one in the game i had to edit my plans after i had printed them out (see the second photo.)

when the plans are correct trace them onto the blue foam.

i test cut the plans and placed them inside the handle of the chainsaw to make sure it would fit and look correct.
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just wondering how you cut the pattern inside the blade out,which tool is best and for the handle the cheapest I could find is about £20 do you think that's a good price or is there cheaper?

Thanks Nicola

backwards lamb (author)  nicola.shires.94 months ago
I can't remember how much my chainsaw grip was. Sorry. £20 isn't bad.
I used a laser cutter to make the blade. I guess a fret saw or jigsaw would work if you didn't have access to a laser.

hi,wow your excellent at making this,just wondering where you got the blue foam from



backwards lamb (author)  nicola.shires.95 months ago

Hi Nicola, i purchased it from ebay. i just searched for styrofoam. you can also get it on amazon.

Is there anyway that you could make another chainsaw, then sell and ship it to me for my daughters Anime-Con?

hi, no sorry, im not in the position to make this prop at the moment.

I don't want to make this but I would love for my daughter (Fashion_Monster) to have this for all the ComicCons she's planning on attending. Do you sell and ship?

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I don't know what you mean about the pink material? I painted things pink. The bolts on the blade were just painted and the heart on the blade was masked off and painted.

I sell my blue prints through my website look in the about me section.

Also, how did you make the little thingy's sticking out of the blade? The parts that the bike chain are on?

They were just part of the middle section of the blade. It's made of three layers. The middle one had pegs coming out the side. But I think you can get away without them. Just a lot of glue should do the trick.

Firstly, the result was superb. You are a very talented person! Secondly, what 2 grips/handles did you use? I know the red one is a chainsaw handle, but what is the black one and where can I get one? Also, is there any way that I can acquire the templates you used for the body?

The handle is all one bit. Look at the photo in the material section and you can see it ontop of the foam it's all on section. I just searched for chainsaw handle on eBay and found a few
jch274s1 year ago
This looks great. Would you happen to have a list of dimensions for the body and the blade, or a PDF file of the measurements? Keep up the good work!
backwards lamb (author)  jch274s1 year ago
if you follow the link to my website in my profile you will see a link to my plans shop.
AnngiePage1 year ago
This is really helpful! but there's something I don't understand (sorry I'm not too good at English)
What is that back handle thing? is it a chainsaw handler? where did you get it D: I'm not sure if I can find that thing here in my city :S
thanks for this post!!
backwards lamb (author)  AnngiePage1 year ago
hi, yes the handle is a real chainsaw handle, i just searched for chainsaw parts/handle on ebay.
C-Dawg2_01 year ago
Thank you! What were your measurements for the body and blade? I found a good looking handle that may be slightly different than yours, but I was hoping to use your measurements as a reference.
C-Dawg2_01 year ago
Hi! In terms of the list of materials, how much of each material did you need to make the chainsaw?
backwards lamb (author)  C-Dawg2_01 year ago
i depends on how big you make it.

i used three sections of blue that are the full length of the body.
and the blade was the same the amount of plastic used was three full lengths of the blade.

i drew up the plans and then measured the parts and then i knew how much foam and plastic i needed.

hope that helps.
IloveKitty2 years ago
Hi. Why did you use blue foam? Is their a particular foam to be using?
backwards lamb (author)  IloveKitty2 years ago
hi, i used blue foam as its what i have and what im used to.
Its light and rigid and you can get a good finish to it opposed to normal polystyrene.
The blue foam is normally an insulating foam that goes inside cavity walls. hope that helps.
bcallister2 years ago
Can i ask what sort of Foam is it?
I cant see it being a spongey foam.
Is it some sort of Styrofoam?
backwards lamb (author)  bcallister2 years ago
the foam i used was from here

you can probably find better deals on ebay and all that.
What type of material was used for the blade ans what exactly do you mean by you had to make the middle twice?
just had a few questions. What tool did you use to cut the designs in the blade and what did you search to find that handle? your tutorial is amazing by the way!
Hi, and thanks do the compliments. For the blade details I use a laser cutter I have access to through work. Which was a great help but if I didn't have it a coping saw would have been what I would have used along with a file.

I started my search for chainsaw for parts on eBay then went to chainsaw handle and was lucky there was someone selling the trigger handle and top handle as on part. Sometimes they are in two parts.

Hope this helps.
RSV262 years ago
did you like the game?
backwards lamb (author)  RSV262 years ago
i haven't had a chance to play the game yet. ive been told its a fun game.
(removed by author or community request)
backwards lamb (author)  RSV262 years ago
well i made this for a friend who needs it for a live action film he's making. not because i loved the game.
First the game freaking rocked! and phone?
backwards lamb (author)  crackHacker2 years ago
im confused as to what you mean no phone?
in the game the chainsaw has a door on the bottom with an old style cord phone handset. its pink and looks like one off the old rotery phones.
backwards lamb (author)  crackHacker2 years ago
ah well as i said i haven't played the game and there wasn't any info on it in the photos i found or any documentation i found.

if i make it again i will see if i can add one. :)
maybe i can find a game screen shot and get that too you so you can see. not a big thing and what you have made is impressive, quite impressive!
backwards lamb (author)  crackHacker2 years ago
that would be interesting to see.

it got a 5/10 from ign , if your a teen it will be good, adult your just creepey beyond
What emulsion did you use to seal the foam. Brand, where you got it, etc. I have alot of foam to seal for a project and this would be helpful information.

This project is awesome by the way. Love the details.
backwards lamb (author)  Haunted Spider2 years ago
it was just a store brand white emulsion. acrylic paint will work too. you do need to make sure that its really sealed well as when you spray if its slightly flawed the spray will eat through and leave a cavity under the paint.
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