How to Make Kilju





Introduction: How to Make Kilju

Warning:I do not take any responsibility if you hurt yourself etc. Kilju contains alcohol so make it only if you are over 21

Kilju is a traditional finnish alcohol drink

It's made of sugar, yeast and water

It's illegal to make Kilju in Finland but it might be LEGAL in YOUR country ;)

Step 1: Ingredients

1 Bottle (at least 1,5 litres )
2 Dl sugar
2 teaspoons yeast
1 litre water
Mix all ingredients into the bottle.
The water should not be warmer that +30 degrees because the yeast "dies"

Here's a picture of the indgredients (well you don't really need the mushroom, it only symbolises the yeast =D )

Step 2: The Processing

So basically it takes about 4-8 days to complete the process.
after the processing it should be 6-16 % ethanol.
when you close bottles cork, _DO_NOT_ screw it tighly because it needs to get some air, without it the whole thing is going to explode. There may be some steams comign from the bottle which may be stinky so place the bottle on a well ventilated place (outside if its summer)

if the cork is too tight, this happens =(

Step 3: Preparing the Drink

next, pour the mixture from the bottle through a Pantyhose (it seperates the yeast and other crap from the drinkable things)or let coffeemaker seperate it ( do not switch the coffee maker on!)

remeber to have a can,jug or whatever where you store the drink ;)

Kilju is drinkable for 2-7 days

Step 4: Ideas

Heres some tips when drinking kilju

Serve kilju as Cold as possible!

You can also mix some juices on it

Use your imagination ;)!



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I am pretty interested in making some of this stuff, but would like some reassurance. I've heard that when making moonshine, you produce methanol, and have to be very careful not to consume it, or you go blind. It is my belief that since this concoction has no fruit in it, that methanol cannot be produced (I've read that somewhere...) Anyway! I am very fond of my eyesight, and hope someone can give me some information about the safety of drinking this.

Many of my friends make it and it's completely safe to use and it always cheers up when at the start of month there's a homemade alcohol party where everybody can enjoy for almost free of charge especially when the beer around here isn't cheap.

Btw the instructions on this website are horrible, get a fermenter ( 30 liter bucket with a small hole for the trap ) and a water-trap for it so the air passes through but can't get back in, costs like 12 bucks plus trap is 2 bucks.

25 liters of water, 6 kilograms of sugar ( brewing sugar is the best I think you can buy it online with the other stuff ), after that few liters of SELF MADE juice, no don't buy that stuff from the store, it's prob not even juice at all costs prob 8 bucks.

Also don't go for the normal yeast, buy super yeast that is made for alcohol, the normal yeast is optimal for baking and stuff, super yeast = 3 - 5 bucks.

So now you wait for 7 - 10 days, ( yes someone over here will be like "dude cmoon you can wait for 3 - 5 days, but better be safe and sure than risky since the whole thing is going off the window if you add the chemicals too early that stop the alcohol progress and eliminate the yeast, which tastes really bad )-

The day or two before you're going to drink it, taste it a bit that does it have alcohol in it and pour the chemicals in ( that are safe to use ) that take the taste of yeast away and stop the progress and can be bought online like 50 cents a piece. Also add handful of lemon slices to add some taste.

After this you need a burdock AKA a small tube also you need another bucket(s) or bottles, you're doing this again in order to get rid of the yeast at the bottom of the fermenter and the chemicals forced the yeast to the bottom, but if you touch the yeast even a lil bit it goes off and the drink tastes like yeast again in other words horrible.

So you need to place the bucket to a high ground, could be ideal to place before you add the chemicals and place the tube in the fermenter and the other end to the other bucket which is on a lower ground, now you suck the tube a bit until you feel the alcohol coming and because of physics and pressure the fermenter will be completely dry in few minutes because the flow doesn't end.

Now at last it's drinkable and tastes good =D You can make make it juicy like I do or add other juices/berries to make it home made wine =D Have fun!


you only go blind from drinking bady' distilled spirits. You have to distill to make methanol.

It couldnt be any safer to drink.

hey, Well. after drinking this, i did not go blind, hoewer i don't take any resposibility if you do. But i'd say that you should try this if you want.

I come from Finland happy that you Americans think of the Finnish tradition of drinking

"I forget, is it ethanol or methanol that makes you blind? ;-)"

metanol=that poison

You can remove the methanol boiling drink pontikka (finnish moonshine) and discarded the first deciliter (methanol evaporates from 65 ° C for ethanol, but only 85 degrees Celsius, or methanol comes first)

sorry my bad english!!!!!!!

I forget, is it ethanol or methanol that makes you blind? ;-)


Do beer goggles count?

Methanol is what you should avoid. That's methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits. And if it doesn't kill you, will probably leave you blind. Ethanol, on the other hand, also known as ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is what's in those bottles at the bar. If you get confused, just think of Lucy and Desi's neighbors, Fred and Ethyl. Rubbing alcohol is often ethanol, denatured (so you can't drink it) with either methanol, acetone, or both.

hi, sorry, but wat's 'DI' as in "2 DI sugar" thanks